Apartments Sales on Ibiza


Located in the Balearic archipelago and known as the Mediterranean’s white island for its whitewashed facades, this cosmopolitan island has great tourist attractions that include several world heritage sites, handicrafts, and clothing markets, charming villages, and fantastic sunsets.

Millions of people visit this implausible island every year, and many of them are looking for the apartment and villas to stay for a longer time and the investment purpose.

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While searching for the best buyer for your apartment sale on Ibiza, provide all details about the property. Details such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, apartment location, all necessary amenities in the apartment, terrace, garden area, furnished or non-furnished, parking details, and your quote as per market that you look for the property. Also, share quality images of the apartment on sale on Ibiza to our chosen real estate management so they can get you the best deal.

We have the trusted partners you can rely on; they easily Sale the Apartment on Ibiza at the best price, as our selected preferred partners will find the best buyer for your property.

Strong demand in the Ibiza property market

Hoy Hoy Ibiza’s trusted partners help to find the perfect buyer for apartments for sale on Ibiza. Ibiza’s real estate market is more active than ever. This market growth on the island will continue in 2021 as well. Let’s see what the three key aspects of this booming market are:

Significant demand from National and International buyers

Ibiza benefits from strong international demand, as buyers from different countries looking for a permanent home or a second vacation home on this beautiful island. For the first time in a decade, Spanish buyers are the second largest group, followed by buyers from the UK, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Italy, and Germany.

The luxury of the tourism industry continues to flourish

The luxury of the tourism sector is also experiencing a continuous boom in Ibiza. Private air traffic increased again last year, and Ibiza continues to lead the ranking since the Balearic island is the one that receives the most private flights.

Furthermore, Ibiza has become one of the most attractive marinas in the Mediterranean. The old ferry terminal has expanded again, which means that there will be even more berths available for superyachts in the future.

Hoy Hoy Ibiza

Now you need not go anywhere to find the property dealer to buy or sell on Ibiza. Our trusted partners are experts in real estate to purchase/sell apartments and flats. Hoy Hoy Ibiza offers specialized real estate management on Ibiza that gets genuine buyers ready to buy a property.

So if you are ready for an apartment sale on Ibiza, furnished or unfurnished, do not hesitate to contact us. Fill in the form, and Hoy Hoy Ibiza team will respond to your request straight away. We will then establish the contact for you and make sure that you will be in direct contact with our preferred real estate management partners on Ibiza and make sure you are in good hands.



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