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Top 4 Locations to Go Sailing

Top 4 Locations to Go Sailing

Top 4 Locations to Go Sailing

Yacht and Boats4/4/2023, 6:50:56 AM
Top 4 Locations to Go Sailing

The picturesque shores of Ibiza, with the towering trees and scenic mountains give you that refreshing vibe.

 Combine that with the worthwhile activities that you can enjoy on the island, it’s safe to say you can have the time of your life.

 But here’s the question: Why restrict yourself to the island? Why not go on a voyage to discover the unbelievable places on the coasts of Ibiza?

 You can rent a yacht and set to sail.

 But now comes the bigger question. What are the best routes to sail?

 Just getting on your yacht won’t ensure the sailing experience that you are after.

 So, what should you do now?

 Well, we don’t want you to miss out on having a wonderful time sailing around Ibiza.

 That’s why we’ve compiled a list of great sailing destinations you can visit. Look at it as a guide to having a good time on the stunning blue sea.

 So, without further delay, let’s set to sail:

 1) Formentera:

 When you talk about the most breathtaking views, Formentera is right up there.

 Prepared to be mesmerized by the stunning sea. The presence of different sea creatures on the shores simply enhances the beauty of the island.

 Had enough of admiring the visible beauty?

News Flash – It’s not the end.

 To get even more astonishing views, deep dive in the water with your snorkeling gear. Get to know what lies beneath charming waters and make new friends underwater.

 In the mood for partying and eating scrumptious food?

 Visit the historic Juan y Andreas restaurant to have your desired mouth-watering food or drink.

 Bon Appetite. 😋

 Not having Formentera on your Ibiza sailing itineraries will be a big mistake.

 2) South East Coast:

 The southeast coast needs to be on your sailing bucket list.

 Why? It hosts multiple heritage sites to please the viewers. You’ll be sailing around Ibiza’s old town, seeing some stunning places to go.

 This includes the exceptional Dalt Villa, which is known for its gorgeous weather. You’ll find stone houses and historical surroundings.

Exploring Dalt Villa can give you the feeling that you’re back in the 16th Century when this town was built.

 You can also visit La Figueretas Beach, which is more urban than its neighboring historic locations.

You can enjoy the everyday activities on the island, along with swimming in the waters.

 Last but certainly by no means least, you have the strips of Las Salinas Beach. To party and finding amazing food to satisfy your cravings, Las Salinas can be the perfect destination.

 These were some of many attractions to make you understand what awaits you when you set to sail on Ibiza’s southeast coast.

 3) South West Coast:

 For picture-perfect sunset and amazing locations to party, the southwest coast holds great sites to visit.

 To start with, you can sail to the San Antonio area. You’ll find different types of people, from music and party lovers to those who want to catch up on a drink.

 Then you have Es Vedra, which is known to be the third most magnetic place on the planet.

Apart from that feat, there have been multiple UFO sightings as well.

 Sail to Es Vedra and try your luck. Who knows? You might get a chance to say hey to the aliens.

 Right on the face of Es Vedra, you have Atlantis. It’s not a beach, but pure and stunning water. You can set sail and enjoy its elegance.

Before you take a tip, make sure you have quality water equipment.

 Are you ready for the flavor of the old town?

 4) Northwest Coast:

 If you sail to the northwest side of Ibiza, you won’t be disappointed. Among all of the locations you’ll find, one factor remains common – eye-catching sunset view.

 Let’s start off by talking about Cala Gracio beach.  Geographically secluded from Ibiza, Cala Gracio beach gives you a sense of privacy. This factor alone makes it family-friendly and safe.

You can jump in the crystal and float around with the proper swimming equipment.

 Finding Cala Gracio busy or want a different experience?

Guess what? You don’t have to make an effort and sail to a different location. You can go to neighboring islands like Cala Salada, Cala Saladita, and Cala Benirras.

 In other words, this might be the perfect location to sail to if you’re looking for versatile experiences.

 Looking for a wonderful weekend? We’d highly recommend sailing to the north west coast.

 The Final Word:

 These were our top picks for great sailing destinations you wouldn’t want to miss.

 We’ve come up with this list with the assistance of our partners, who have years of experience in the sailing yacht chartering business in Ibiza.

 For some of these locations, you may require a special sailing license.

For a great sailing experience and not to worry about these formalities, register now with Hoy Hoy Ibiza.

 Our partners will ensure you get a skilled captain and a perfect crew, who will have only one goal – Make you enjoy every moment. 

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