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When you are on the island of Ibiza, the seas are just too tempting not to explore. You would want not only want to sail the waters of Ibiza but also to maintain safety. This can be ensured by getting a licensed boat captain in Ibiza.

If you are looking for these services, today is your lucky day.

At Hoy Hoy Ibiza, our partners make sure you experience tons of unforgettable memories on the sea. They provide fantastic boat captain services in Ibiza that will make you enjoy and also be safe.

Connect With the Best Providers of Boat Captain Services in Ibiza

Are you just sitting on the shores of Ibiza, wanting to find a convenient boat captain service in Ibiza and start your journey on the crystal sea around you?

If so, your wait is over.

At Hoy Hoy Ibiza, we connect you with our quality partners to make your registration process extremely simple and easy. You don’t need to waste time in lengthy formalities and book your boats with captain in Ibiza.

All you need to do is fill a quick form for sharing your relevant details, and nothing more. You are just 3 steps away from having the ultimate experience of boat captain services in Ibiza.

  • Fill in a quick form.
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Travel Safely with a Licensed Boat Captain in Ibiza

Yes, you are on vacation and want to enjoy your time. But, being cautious is also very important. Our partners make sure you take care of yourself by providing you with a licensed boat captain in Ibiza.

Your captain will take care of the technical and management stuff while you are busy enjoying an engaging experience on the sea. Your licensed boat captain in Ibiza will sail to whichever part of the sea you want.

What To Services to Expect from The Boat with Captain in Ibiza

The types of boat captain services in Ibiza that our reliable partners offer are unlike any other. We make sure that you will be mesmerized from the time you step on the boat until the time your ride ends.

You have the option to book yourself a 6 meters boat that can accommodate 6 people. You can also rent a Yacht that is 30 meters long for a more luxurious touch and hold up to 12 people. If you want to celebrate an occasion and throw the party, you can book a catamaran, with a capacity of 300 people.

Avail the boat captain services in Ibiza that we offer. Sail the seas, how, where, and whenever you want.

How expensive is Boat captain service in Ibiza?

Do you want to know what the best part of availing of the boat captain service in Ibiza, offered by our partners is?

You get to experience the utmost luxury and a pleasing experience, from visiting exclusive restaurants in Ibiza to rejuvenating yourself by visiting the beautiful Formentera Island. All this, at highly cost-effective pricing, according to your budget.

Boat Captain Services in Ibiza for Couples?

Special moments are celebrated with special people to ensure they are remembered for a long time

Are you a couple looking to celebrate your anniversary, or you need some alone time, away from the public eye?

We provide the type of ambiance on the boat with captain in Ibiza to enrich the experience without any disturbances. Enjoy the intimacy created while being on the sea.


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His bespoke choices give plenty of options for alternative dietary needs like vegetarians, raw, lactose intolerant etc. In 2019 he won the contest for best catering private chef services in Ibiza.

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We, at Hoy Hoy Ibiza, have only one mission. That is for you to take the full perks and benefits of being on the island. We do that but connecting you with only the best partners that we have. These partners are worth investing your time and money.

Even if you want other watersports in Ibiza like kayaking expedition, scuba diving, or snorkeling tours, we will make sure to exceed your expectations.

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