Home Security


Ibiza is one of the most popular world destinations in the peak summer months. House owners know that home security on Ibiza has to impeccable! The robbery percentage increases during the summer season and one of the reasons is the lack of home security systems. To keep your house safe, you need high-quality house security on Ibiza that you can book at Hoy Hoy Ibiza. Our company works with innovative hardware from trusted suppliers so our home security on Ibiza meets the highest safety standards. Our team will secure every side of your house with advanced home security systems that will keep every intruder away!

The safety of you and your family members is our top priority. For that reason, we will implement your home with the most reliable home security systems on Ibiza. With our home security service, you will always be aware of what is happening at your home; even if you are not on the island.

After the hardware installation, there will be no hassle with the control room in case the alarm goes off. Just give Hoy Hoy Ibiza the permission to follow up on the alarm!

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Our home security on Ibiza includes:

Camera security Ibiza

We will install high-level security cameras on Ibiza all-around your property. With our advanced security practices and devices, you can follow the events around (and inside) of your home in real-time. By using the best angles to install security cameras on Ibiza, we will cover every inch of your property! Our camera security on Ibiza is available for all the clients that understand the importance of home safety. Request our camera security service on Ibiza and keep an eye on your house even when you are away!

Alarm System Ibiza

Modern alarm systems on Ibiza allow house owners to receive notifications whenever a connected alarm goes off. With our trusted suppliers, we will provide the best alarm system on Ibiza and secure your house completely. Upgrading the  alarm system of your house on Ibiza should be your top priority. Since YOU are our priority, we will happily install the best Ibiza alarm system at your property.

Home Automation Ibiza

Why shouldn’t your beautiful house on Ibiza be a smart home as well?! You have the opportunity to request high-quality home automation on Ibiza at our company! As your provider of extensive home security services, we will implement your house with outstanding home automation on Ibiza. With a home automation system, you will control the alarms, lightning, and all the other smart devices at your property.

Personal Security Ibiza

Finding a reliable personal security guard on Ibiza is not an easy task. As your partner, Hoy Hoy will recruit capable, experienced, knowledgeable and trusted security personnel on Ibiza for you. With professional personal security on Ibiza, your house will be in safe hands at all times.


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