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Ibiza is an ideal place for Water Sports on Ibiza, due to its mild climate and peaceful sea throughout the year. And specifically, Kayaking on Ibiza is an experience that will captivate you.

And it is that those transparent waters that allow you to contemplate the seabed, its more than 200 kilometres of coastline, and the absence of strong currents or waves make this sport a real pleasure on the island.


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The Kayaking on Ibiza allows you to enjoy the Ibizan coast from a different perspective, at water level, being able to approach silently to observe birds and fish or to discover the infinity of natural caves that pierce the landscape.

Another advantage of Kayaking on Ibiza is that it does not require being in exceptional physical shape and that it is elementary to learn the rudiments that allow you to enjoy a simple excursion. 

In reality, the difficulty in this sport depends mainly on the state of the sea, so we recommend that you let yourself be guided and advised by Professionals Kayaking on Ibiza, especially on your first excursions. If you do not have any contacts, do not worry! At Hoy Hoy Ibiza, we have selected the best 3 Kayaking instructor on Ibiza to choose.

What you should remember is to bring sunscreen, sunglasses, a cap, shoes that can get wet, clothing that protects you from the sun and chafing, and, of course, water and something to eat.

Our Professional partners Kayaking on Ibiza has extensive knowledge of the island and, to show you its best corners, organizes attractive kayak excursions and stand up paddle tennis combined with snorkelling, among others.

The outings are suitable for all audiences. The intensity is not too high, 2 to 3 hours are perfect for families with children. If you want to extend the duration of the Kayak Excursions on Ibiza, they accept requests.


As a recognized tourist destination, Ibiza is an island that continually renews its offer, implying that its full potential can hardly be exhausted. One of the latest and original additions to discovering its coasts are Kayak Excursions on Ibiza. There is much Kayaking on Ibiza to choose. At Hoy Hoy Ibiza, we will get the best three professionals to choose.

Its 210 kilometres of coastline, with calm turquoise waters, the originality of its coastline – with caves, scattered islets, and hidden coves – and the incredible sunsets over the sea guarantee an entertaining and more than satisfactory experience. All you need are two right arms and a desire to enjoy the environment.

We visit the best places on the Ibizan coast where you can make unforgettable Kayak Excursions on Ibiza and have a fun experience!

A group of qualified Kayaking Instructors on Ibiza will take you through some of the most remote corners of the island. They run excursions throughout the year and have reduced prices for residents. What’s more, those who sign up often will be able to acquire a super-reduced bonus. 

In summer and winter, the calm waters of the Mediterranean as it passes through Ibiza make the island an optimal place to practice this fun water sport. In fact, outside of the summer season, the satisfaction when it comes to doing a Kayaking Excursion on Ibiza multiplies, since this sport, like all kinds of recreational-sports activities on the island, becomes massive during the summer months.

As we have already pointed out, there are a good number of companies that offer this type of activity. Contact us at Hoy Hoy Ibiza, and we provide you experienced and professional, top 3 Kayaking Water Sports on Ibiza for you!

Fill in the form, and the team of Hoy Hoy Ibiza will respond to your request straight away. We will then establish the contact for you and make sure that you will be in direct contact with our preferred partners and make sure you are in good hands.

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