Long-term Rentals on Ibiza


Two things are more evident than the water in Ibiza: the first is that this island is beautiful and another is their path-breaking Villa rental services.

 A mild climate, a blue sky, and many hours of sunshine are the perfect environment for your stay throughout the year in Ibiza. Whether it’s spring, summer, fall, or winter, a visit to the island is always worth it. 

The many visitors who have experienced the charm of the island come back for more. And where better to enjoy a beautiful Ibizan vacation than in your own home?

At Hoy Hoy Ibiza, our selected real estate management partners will find out the best Long-term rental on Ibiza for the whole year. We will take you directly to our selection of long-term rental properties on Ibiza.

The best areas to stay in Ibiza, are the ones who have been top in giving all kind of services along with just villa rentals. Few of the customers even want more to have, as they choose the Long term Rentals on Ibiza

Maybe their staycation is for a more extended period. The reason can be anything about Ibiza travelling or even some business purpose.

Villas for your holidays in Ibiza

Staying in one of these villas on Ibiza during your holidays is one of the best alternatives to visit the island. Who wouldn’t trade a small hotel room for a vacation home on Ibiza, where friends and family can enjoy a comfortable and cosy stay with total privacy and freedom of schedules? Regardless of vacation type, you are planning; there are all advantages to staying in one of the beautiful accommodations which will be searched by our preferred partners.

Get the luxurious Long Term Rentals on Ibiza

We provide roundabout safety to our customers in Ibiza. At Hoy Hoy Ibiza, our preferred partners specialized in searching for the best and luxurious villas for you to choose.

Our Partners will help you to find Long Term Villas Rentals on Ibiza which are very close to the main city markets and even there are very cool beaches in the surroundings. 

Often, a guest is coming to visit Ibiza and choose for an extended stay as they find a homely vibe on the premises with safety and security. There are cameras, integrated systems, guards, and assistants who are there to help you feel safe in the Long term Rentals on Ibiza

You can choose between luxury villas in the centre, villas in the coastal areas, very close to the beach, or isolated rural houses in the middle of the mountain.

Fill up the form, and we will connect you with our preferred partners who will help you to find out the best Long Term Villas Rentals on Ibiza.

Generally, those who choose to stay in the LongtermRentals on Ibiza are families and people who seek tranquillity. It is an option to consider if going out every night is not on your schedule.

And often, these guest likes to feel a homely ambience in their surroundings. We always pay attention to all our guests and try to provide them with the best services!



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