Private Parties on Ibiza


Private parties in Villas are one of the great attractions of nightlife in Ibiza, and some of them are highly anticipated events by residents, luxury visitors, and even artists and famous guests from different parts of the world. They attend these celebrations of luxury, glamour, and excellent gastronomy. 

Many people come to Ibiza and arrange private parties on Ibiza to celebrate their birthday. With a massive party that combines glamour, elegance, distinguished guests, luxury gastronomy, and a highly studied thematic setting on each occasion. 

Such Villas Private Parties on Ibiza are the talk of the town as you need to select the ideal location and staff to provide you with space and services both.

Party bash with all types of services

At Hoy Hoy Ibiza, our preferred partners can arrange the best Private Parties on Ibiza for you so you can enjoy at Villas! Our selected party organizer partners will look for exotic Villa, check the private pool in it, spacious terrace, music and delicious food. It will be the most fun and elegant party this summer. In it, all the elements that make a party go beyond its nomenclature and proves to be a grand international social happening in your circle.

However, the guest attending these party maintains the essence of a plural, cosmopolitan Ibiza, with a balanced mix of different nationalities, social status, artists, people in the business.

And we aim to please them by serving the best of what we can. Our gastronomy, hospitality, rentals, etc. have always been praised not only by the hosts but also by their guests.

What does it consist of?

At Hoy Hoy Ibiza, we can find the top partners who will find the best Villas in which you can enjoy Private Parties on Ibiza. They propose a different way to celebrate that great day before going through the altar. With this, they will also prepare the decoration as per your event decorators.

At Private Parties on Ibiza, you will have a large space where the guest will be able to dance to the best music of the moment, and have cocktails, and access the sea to take a dip.

You will have an open bar throughout your stay where you can additionally get drinks. Whiskey, Rum, Vodka & Gin), Unique cocktails (Mojitos, Strawberry, and much more), Wines, the best homemade sangria, fresh beer, soft drinks, and water.

What amenities can you look?

While enjoying parties in Villas, our partners can also help you to arrange all the setup and assistance required for Dj’s, Live Music, and exclusive Animation. All of these will make you dance throughout the party night.

At Private Parties on Ibiza, you can choose the artists whose fame grew in Ibiza and are currently recognized internationally. People who carry the spirit and essence of the Ibiza party exclusively for you.

Also, you can have live music depending on your themed parties, with saxophone, violin, drums for the sunset, and an endless number of invited artists only on your additional demand.

Those renowned DJs will put the best sessions at your party in Villa and the animation that will go hand in hand with artists which is an outstanding performance to entertain your friends and acquittance.  

You can reach to us by filling up the form, and we will arrange our top preferred partners who will help you to find out the best Villas for Private Parties on Ibiza.

You have to select our comprehensive VIP concierge plan, which will let you access all of our exclusive services to arrange a party bash. Contact us right now by filling up the form to know more about this service plan.



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