Property Management Services Ibiza


We clearly understand the needs of homeowners on Ibiza and their high demand for property management on Ibiza. As a response to your requests, our company created end-to-end property management services on Ibiza!

With our Ibiza property management services, absolutely every aspect of your house will be covered. Since we know that you need someone reliable, professional and responsible to take care of your house, that’s exactly what we are offering!

Perhaps you thought that nothing at your home can function the same while you are not there. Well, you might be right… because it can function even better! Unless you are a plumber, electrician, central heating technician, air conditioning technician and chimney sweeper yourself?! In addition, if you are able to do the pool cleaning, eliminate pests and do many other things to keep your house in perfect condition. We know that’s too much for you.

Don’t worry! Hoy Hoy Ibiza provides all those property management services on Ibiza! You don’t want to be tied in to a contract and just need a specialist today? No problem! Just let us quote you a fast, trustable and payable service. We already found the best partners for you!

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Property Management Services:

Plumber Ibiza

Imagine what would happen to your property if you left a faulty or open faucet in your empty house on Ibiza. It would be a disaster! Seemingly a little problem could make huge damage to your home without regular plumbing on Ibiza.

As a part of our property management on Ibiza, Hoy Hoy Ibiza will send a qualified plumber to your house frequently. Our plumber will install, repair, or maintain your water wells, gas, sewer lift stations, and other facilities and equipment. That way, the plumbing system of your house will always be in an impeccable condition!

Pool Cleaning Ibiza

Every pool needs extra care, especially on Ibiza! Here, nobody can imagine a house with a neglected, empty pool that needs a total reconstruction. Without frequent pool cleaning on Ibiza, your pool can become unrecognizable and totally out of use!

Hoy Hoy Ibiza provides effective pool cleaning service on Ibiza! We will maintain your pool clean and ready for you to jump in when you come back! With our pool cleaning service on Ibiza, there will be no debris and cracks in your pool that you need to repair every summer. Relax and let our professionals clean your pool and ensure all systems are working perfectly!

Electrician Ibiza

Hoy Hoy Ibiza property management includes exceptional services of certified electricians on Ibiza. Our electrician will take care of your electrical installation, systems, and appliances safely and professionally! There will be no signs of your absence because a licensed electrician on Ibiza will keep your house well-illuminated and functional!

Regular inspections will prevent electrical issues that may appear in your house. Additionally, our electrician will replace the lights, switchers and just anything that your household demands.

Central Heating Technician Ibiza

To keep your home warm all year round, our central heating technician will inspect your heating systems frequently. The central heating technician will diagnose the problems and apply necessary measures to fix the existing or potential issues of the system.

If the boilers or radiators at your house are not working properly; if there are noisy radiators and pipes; unwanted air in the heating systems or a faulty pump, call us! Our central heating technician on Ibiza will resolve those and all the other issues related to the central heating.

Air Conditioning Technician Ibiza

Air conditioning services on Ibiza are essential for every household on the island, during all seasons. With that necessity in mind, we implemented our property management on Ibiza with professional air conditioning services.

Our air conditioning technician will test, install, repair and maintain HVAC systems of your property. With the application of major precaution and safety measures, the Hoy Hoy Ibiza air conditioning technician will maximize the operation of all air conditioning equipment at your house.

Chimney Sweeper Ibiza

No matter if you are using a gas fireplace or you are burning logs at your home on Ibiza; you could face serious consequences without a chimney sweeper on Ibiza. The hot climate of our island requires special care when it comes to fire-related structures, like the chimney.

Frequent chimney inspections and chimney cleaning will prevent fires that could occur because of the creosote buildup. Our professional chimney sweeper on Ibiza will ensure the chimney of your house is always clean and the danger from fires is far away all year round!


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