Rent a Supercar on Ibiza


Ibiza is the destination dreamed of by most young people for its famous parties, lounge establishments, and its relaxed and liberal atmosphere. But also, for the unique natural spaces that are hidden on the island, highlighting its beaches. The best and easy option to enjoy Ibiza is car rentals on Ibiza.

Renting instead of buying has an advantage that is often “hidden”. Buying a car means your money is immobile for a while, even if you decide to resell after a period. When you rent a car on Ibiza, the money you spend on a purchase can continue to invest. It is worth doing the accounts according to your applications and financial situation!

Enjoy the beauty of the Ibiza

As we have mentioned, One of the best options to enjoy Ibiza is to have a rental supercar on Ibiza that allows us to have the freedom to move without schedules to the destination that we decide at all times. 

At Hoy Hoy Ibiza, we provide you with our best vehicle rental partners that offer you with the best rental supercars on Ibiza for you. Our partners provide you with a price comparison for rental cars in Ibiza so that you can always choose the best offer for your needs, from small cars, ideal for couples, to minivans for families or groups of friends. Enjoy the island of Ibiza at your leisure.

What are the advantages of hiring rental cars on Ibiza?

In our increasingly demanding pace of life, it is essential to have tools for better stress management and relaxation. Well-being and health have a direct impact on our state of mind, mental and physical. As an example, back pain is a prevalent ailment in our society. If you stay on Ibiza, make sure to enjoy your Yoga and wellness lessons to the fullest. This will affect your performance, as well as in daily life.

The advantages of renting a car on Ibiza are many. Let us check out:

  1. Economy:

Undoubtedly one of the main advantages of renting a car on Ibiza is the economy. In many cases, renting a car a month will be cheaper than having a car of your own.

If a person already plans to rent for a slightly more extended period, of three weeks, for example, renting per month can compensate precisely for the reduction in the rate we talked about above. If the dates fit your plans, it’s a good idea!

  1. Zero bureaucracy:

When renting a car on Ibiza, it is responsible for all the bureaucracy involved in having a car: documentation, insurance, maintenance, taxes, among others. 

It means that the car stays with you, as if it were yours daily, but without that worry of revisions or renewals of documentation.

  1. Flexibility:

The rental companies that rent monthly allow you to pick up and return the car whenever you want. If you need the car for longer, there is no problem either; the lease can extend for as long as necessary.

If you want to return early, pay attention to the minimum term: the cheapest monthly rate is valid for rentals of 28 days or more, usually.

If you return the car beforehand, the rate charged will be the same as for a “common” rental according to the value in force on the day the contract starts.

  1. No need to worry about insurance or maintenance:

The car is not yours, neither is it your responsibility to worry about insurance and renewal, as well as maintenance. If you have any problems with the vehicle, contact the rental company on Ibiza.

  1. Headache with resale? Never:

Reselling a car is not an easy task. On the one hand, leaving the car at the dealership at the time of exchange is the easiest, but it is also where the most money is lost. Reselling avoids financial losses, but it can take time and requires patience.

When renting a supercar on Ibiza, there is no reason to worry about it. To change your car, talk to the rental company – and without prejudice!

At Hoy Hoy Ibiza, we arrange you a wide range of rental supercars on Ibiza with great offers so that you can choose the brand and model that most interests you and always with the best prices.

Fill in the form, and the team of Hoy Hoy Ibiza will respond to your request straight away. We will then establish the contact for you and make sure that you will be in direct contact with our preferred partners and make sure you are in good hands.

A Yoga Retreat on Ibiza:

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How is our Yoga class on Ibiza?

At Hoy Hoy Ibiza, in our Yoga sessions, our Yoga Retreat on Ibiza will guide you in your process, always taking care of your physical and mental well-being, motivating you to go a little further when you are ready, and teaching you to listen to your body for that. 

Our goal is for you to learn to know your body, what it can do so that you are aware of how to treat it to feel good and achieve the goals you want. Also, with a personal Yoga Retreat on Ibiza, you will see progress much faster than training in gyms and fitness centers.

In Ibiza, you will no longer have any excuse to leave sedentary life behind and increase muscle strength and flexibility and create a sense of harmony and connection between your mind and body: in sports activities classes, on the beach, at home, at the hotel, or wherever is your stay. 

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