Rental Services in Ibiza​


If you’re new to the island or on a short stay, buying specific equipment like holiday equipment, yacht, and cars wouldn’t be the top of your list. But there’s an easy way out. You can easily avail of all that stuff on rent without having to spend too much of your money.

As preferred partners with the best rental equipment providers in Ibiza, we love to facilitate you every step of the way.

Enjoy the island’s beauty with easy-to-afford car rental services in Ibiza. This way, you can move to your desired destination without any delays.

As preferred partners with the best rental supercar services in Ibiza, we offer you the luxury to travel across the island with style and comfort.

At Hoy Hoy Ibiza, we guarantee your peace of mind and pleasure by connecting you with expert services that provide boats without license in Ibiza.

Hire yachts for rent in Ibiza to propose to your partner or have your dream wedding. At Hoy Hoy Ibiza, we have the best partners on our list, offering an unforgettable Ibiza experience.

As the personalized means of transport, scooters are the perfect way to travel with ease. Our preferred partners provide affordable rental scooters in Ibiza to help you enjoy your stay.

Biking your way through the island is a dream we make possible at Hoy Hoy Ibiza. Our preferred partners provide superb quality rental bikes in Ibiza at reasonable rates.

If you love sailing and indulging in water activities, you will surely love to connect with our partners. As the best rental equipment services in Ibiza, they provide rental canoes of all shapes and sizes.

Why purchase a paddleboard yourself when you can easily rent a paddleboard in Ibiza? Just connect with our preferred partners and have a wonderful day practicing this sport.

If you’re worried about your safety while surfing the island, there’s an easy solution. Let us connect you with our preferred partners who provide quality boats with license in Ibiza.

Are you new to water sports? You would surely love teqball. We have the best teqball equipment providers in Ibiza as our preferred partners. Connect with them to have a fun time of your life.

At Hoy Hoy Ibiza, we have preferred partners who arrange party rentals in Ibiza at market-competitive prices. This way you can enjoy your party without worrying about location or costs.

Access a wide range of rental holiday equipment in Ibiza. Whether you require a mini-fridge or toaster, our preferred partners have it all.

Travel more comfortably with fewer suitcases by renting baby and children equipment in Ibiza from our preferred partners.

Celebrating your wedding in the town hall, in the church, or the court is magnificent. But perhaps the trend of wedding asks you to do…

If you are looking for DJ equipment for rent in Ibiza, we have the best services that can offer you everything you need.