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Emanuele Guidoni

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I got into the cooking world at the age of 14, after a diploma in Italy, I got another one in France, and after 7 years of cooking school, I moved to London where I worked for 5 years in a few fine dining and Michelin-starred restaurants. Afterward, I moved back to Italy where I participated in the opening of a restaurant with two friends. I moved to Australia 2 years later traveling and working in a well-known Spanish restaurant in Melbourne. 



Back in Italy, I start working in a gourmet restaurant since covid happened. I had the chance to move for a few months to Switzerland to work as a private chef. This experience opened my eyes and curiosity to the private chef world. After Switzerland, I did my first season in Ibiza, then back to Verbier, Switzerland, always in the private chef sector.

I'm Italian, so I'm attached to Mediterranea cuisine, using fresh and seasonal products for a light and healthy cooking although as I traveled a lot I like to variate from French, Spanish, Asian, and Indian cuisine giving a twist to my creation.

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