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Lola Vinagre

Cooking is love made visible.

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 I started at my mother's restaurant in Portugal, "A Bolota", with two Michelin stars and very popular at that time in 1994, I was only 16 years old.



I do not remember when I started to love the kitchen. I think I was born with it. As granddaughter and daughter of cooks, I showed an appetite for the craft from an early age. At the age of 20, I decided to study at the "Spay Sucre" school in Barcelona, and I started working at the company Tragaluz, a very avant-garde "El Principal".

I got curious about other foods and ingredients in Italy, where I learned about traditional Italian cuisine and value the product and fire, then to London, where I worked in the prestigious restaurant "Hakkasan", the best oriental restaurant winner of its first star in 2003.

Back in Lisbon, Portugal, in 2005, I worked as a chef consultant with the "Club dos Jornalistas" winner of several gastronomic awards. In 2006, India Puskar studied an Ayurvedic food course.

In Sao Paulo, Brazil, I was the executive chef at the restaurant "A Bela Sintra", the best Portuguese restaurant in the city, and I was the best revelation chef in 2012. In Brazil, I made tv programs where I researched the tribal food in the Amazon, which I fell in love with, and it made a big difference for me as a chef. 

After twenty years in restaurants without schedules, weekends, and holidays, in 2014, I started as a private chef in Ibiza and discovered that when we do what we like, the work becomes fascinating, every day is unique, where I can cook different nationalities cuisines, in different styles. The discipline, the effort, and the knowledge that I acquired along the years are my weapons today.

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