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Ilona Somers

Ilona Somers

Professional Tennis Coach

Ilona Somers is a tennis coach whose reputation proceeds her. Born in the Netherlands, Somers was just 15 when the Dutch Association selected her to travel worldwide and play in big tournaments.

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Somers continued playing until she got injured at the age of 18. The Dutch Association benched her, and she could see the dream of becoming a professional tennis player being snatched from her. However, Somers didn’t let that stop her.

Somers worked hard for two years and received a teaching and coaching tennis license. Then, she applied to the University of Mississippi and got a scholarship. It also resulted in Somers receiving a high ranking in America's Top 20 Singles and Doubles. Somers interned at the famous Chris Evert Tennis Academy in Boca Raton in her last year. After that, she played in competitions in Netherlands, Germany, Paris, and Belgium for about nine years. Somers also reached the Wimbledon Quarter Finals, played in Roland-Garros and US Open.

Today, Somers works with HOY HOY IBIZA and utilizes her 20 years of experience to help people improve their tennis skills – something she had always dreamt of achieving.

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