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Looking for Short TERM RENTALS on Ibiza?

Short-Term Rental Services on Ibiza


It is nice to have a property to stay in while you are vacationing. You can sleep and keep your luggage in it whenever you want. After all, having securing lodgings should be a priority too, besides having fun.

If you’re visiting the island, then you might wonder whether it is easy to find short-term rentals on Ibiza. Well, with Hoy Hoy Ibiza, that is pretty convenient.

We fully understand the importance of accessing short-term housing on Ibiza. We provide temporary rentals on Ibiza to give you a reason to relax. Besides that, you can also benefit from our other services, including apartments for rent on Ibiza and property rental management on Ibiza.


Things to Remember While Looking for A Short-Term Rental on Ibiza

When you visit the island, you are likely to think that short-stay apartments on Ibiza cost a lot. That is only true if you do now know where to look. If you are tired of looking for a short-term rental on Ibiza, let us be of service. At Hoy Hoy Ibiza, we offer affordable services without compromising on quality. All you have to do is follow these guidelines to avoid any inconvenience:

  • Remember the clauses of your contract.
  • Keep the local laws in mind.
  • Check whether the apartment can accommodate your family members.
  • Avoid apartments that seem too cheap.

Unlike other temporary rentals on Ibiza, you won’t have to deal with excessive paperwork with us. Just fill out a quick form, and we will get you right on track.

Choose Short-Term Housing on Ibiza With the Best Amenities

The area’s amenities play an integral role when you are choosing short-term lets on Ibiza. If it does not have them, it can become troublesome for you.

Do you want to make sure that the short-term housing on Ibiza you choose has all the necessary resources? Well, then you should enlist the help of Hoy Hoy Ibiza.

We understand that when looking for temporary rentals on Ibiza, being near luxuries helps a lot. That is why the properties we offer are near to all the amenities of the area. No matter if you want to go to the gym or shopping, you will reach those places quite easily.

Looking for Safe Short Stay Apartments on Ibiza?

People visiting the island often wonder whether it will be safe to live here or not, especially if it is your first time. After all, new locations can be overwhelming, considering you are not aware of the routes.

Are you wondering whether short-term rentals on Ibiza are safe or not? You have got nothing to worry about, with Hoy Hoy Ibiza.

We have always believed in putting your safety first above everything else.  We do this by offering you completely safe short-term housing on Ibiza and taking care of you like our family. That is why we perform thorough checking of temporary rentals on Ibiza. In this way, your mind would be at ease, knowing you are in trustworthy hands.


We provide numerous services to ensure that both owners and guests have an enjoyable experience. These include in-person check-in, organising of housekeeping, inspecting your property after each rental and 24/7 response to issues during… Marc has got a passion for using good quality local produce, and his talent for creating delicious flavors combinations is given by mixing his knowledge of different cuisines together.

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