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The beauty of the island is not only what you see around you. There is a whole new experience, waiting to be explored, underneath the water. Wouldn’t you like to know what lies beneath the crystal waters of Ibiza?

If you want to and you are just looking for a quality traveling partner to make this trip possible, we will answer your call.

The esteemed partners of Hoy Hoy Ibiza will make sure to take you on a snorkeling trip in Ibiza, allowing you to discover the underwater world beyond the beautiful island. Get ready to have moments to savor in the perfect conditions to organize brilliant snorkeling tours in Ibiza.


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The ideal situations to have for a perfect snorkeling adventure in Ibiza, all you need is a service and guide to make this experience a memorable one. Do you want to skip all the unwanted formalities and start your snorkeling trip in Ibiza?

If so, we will happily turn your wishes into a reality.

At Hoy Hoy Ibiza, we connect you with our fantastic partners, who will make sure to give you the time of your lives. You can book snorkeling tours in Ibiza without any hassle or the long list of formalities. You just have to fill a form. 3 simple steps, and you can start snorkeling.

  • Fill in a quick form.
  • Send us your details.
  • Connect with our preferred partners.

What Can You Expect from The Snorkeling Adventure in Ibiza?

When you are on the island, you will see many people going on snorkeling trips in Ibiza. It’s not surprising because you may not find a more ideal situation to practice water sports.

Underneath the water of Ibiza lies more than 400 plant species and 1000 animal species. Add that with the beautiful underwater landscape. Our partner will setup an ideal location for your snorkeling trip in Ibiza to witness these attributes.

Apart from this, you can also come across sea urchins, octopuses, lobsters, jellyfish, and other sea creatures during your snorkeling adventure in Ibiza.

Private Snorkeling in Ibiza

Are you someone who likes to go on a snorkeling trip in Ibiza on private? If yes, our partners will accommodate your needs and reserve a spot for you, where you have private snorkeling in Ibiza experience.

The ultimate purpose of our partners is to make sure you have a fantastic snorkeling tour in Ibiza. Therefore, they will facilitate you in every way we can and give you all the luxuries you would want when you are going down to explore a whole new world.

Snorkeling Trip in Ibiza with Safety

Our partners understand that you are on the island to have fun. They will also make sure to take care of your safety as well. Before starting your snorkeling adventure in Ibiza, they equip you with excellent quality fins, diving masks, wetsuit, snorkel, and other necessary equipment.

As a testimony to the outstanding service by our partners, they have multilingual guides to provide you the needed safety instructions and other tips. This vigilance will ensure that there’s no communication gap while being briefed on keeping yourself safe.

Are Snorkeling Trips in Ibiza Too Expensive?

Are you only holding yourself back from experiencing a snorkeling tour in Ibiza because you think it’s too expensive?

Our partners will address your concerns and offer a fantastic snorkeling adventure in Ibiza at a very cost-effective price. The price variation will not mean a change in service quality, as our partners will maintain a high level of snorkeling experience.

Why Choose Us?

You have come to this island for a reason. It is to explore its beauty. Not only what is visible to you but also that which is around you.

The Hoy Hoy Ibiza partners will make you view the beauty that alludes to your eye, by taking you to see. You can go on a kayaking expedition or enjoy other water sports like scuba diving, stand-up paddle, and wakeboard surfing.

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