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Wakeboarding is one of the well-known water sports in which the rider, standing on a wakeboard, is towed behind a motorboat across its wake and especially up off the crest to perform aerial manoeuvres.

Wakeboard on Ibiza offers you activity with maximum adrenaline. It is the wakeboarding modality, similar to Kitesurfing or Snowboarding. With this sport, you will feel the power between your arms, with which you will have to dominate the board, maintaining balance if you are a beginner, with the advice of our specialized instructors in this sport.

If you are an expert, our partners have the best equipment so you can practice your Wakeboard on Ibiza. And if you are a fresher in this water sport, you should not miss experiencing its fun. Contact us at Hoy Hoy Ibiza, and we provide you with one of the top 3 Wakeboard Service Providers on Ibiza.


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Wakeboard on Ibiza is a water sport in which you slide on the water on top of a board dragged with a rope called pannier by a boat. You can also do the same function with a jet ski. 

The sport gets its name from the wake created by the trawler and on which the rider evolves. Wakeboard is a combination of Skiing, Waterskiing, and Snowboarding.

Slide is attached to the boat and glides at a speed of 18 to 24 miles/hour considering the weight of fall, size of the board, water and preference of the person.

One can also Wakeboard on Ibiza in a variety of media, including closed-course cables, winches, Jet Skis, and ATVs.


Wakeboard on Ibiza is not only exciting and fun, but the regular practice of wakeboarding has many benefits for the health and well-being of those athletes who jump with their board into the water. The most prominent are:

  • It improves the general muscle tone of the body since it is an exercise considered complete: it requires global work, both to avoid falling, and to perform the different manoeuvres that characterize it.
  • It is constant work since there are no breaks during the sessions. At all times, you have to work, at least, to keep your balance and not get carried away, which would cause constant falls. It means that not only power maximized, but also the cardiorespiratory system, and resistance in low and high-intensity exercises.
  • Helps burn fat due to its caloric expenditure. 350-400 calories can burn with each wakeboard session. Also, by doing high-intensity training, calories are burned for a while.
  • Like snowboarding, in Wakeboard on Ibiza, having your feet fixed without being able to change the position of your legs (beyond bending or stretching them) strengthens your sense of balance, since you have to play with the centre of gravity and the whole body to stay upright.


In the beginning, Wakeboard on Ibiza is necessary with the help of renting a boat in Ibiza. Many people are being encouraged to learn to practice these activities and to practice them with their boat rental. 

At Hoy Hoy Ibiza, our partners rent this activity for you to enjoy with your friends and family. If a charter day is already a great experience, with one of these toys it will become an experience you will not forget and the icing on the cake for a beautiful day on the boat in Ibiza.

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