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13 Little Etiquette Rules to Always Follow in Vacation Rentals
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13 Little Etiquette Rules to Always Follow in Vacation Rentals

13 Little Etiquette Rules to Always Follow in Vacation Rentals

Real Estate1/19/2024, 11:16:20 AM
13 Little Etiquette Rules to Always Follow in Vacation Rentals

Summer is the perfect time to let loose. However, as you’re packing your vacation essentials, remember to make room for manners. 

That’s because you’ll probably be staying at a 5-star vacation rental. It means your behavior should be top-notch as well. No doubt, you’re entitled to receive the best possible services, but you also have to think about others, particularly the staff, managers, and other guests.

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With the pleasantries out of the way, let’s talk about some rules for vacation rentals you MUST follow. 

Keep The Unnecessary Noise to A Minimum

We get it-you're excited about your trip. And you have every right to celebrate it. Just not too loudly

While you might be the only family staying at the vacation rental, the neighborhood would still be filled with people. Disturbing them won’t only negatively impact your rating, but it can also land you in legal trouble.

Be Polite to The Staff

Being a good guest and acting politely towards the vacation rental’s staff go hand in hand. If you’re rude to them, it says more about you than it does about them

In most cases, if a mishap occurs, it’s because of the management, and the staff has got nothing to do with it. And even if they do, there’s always a better way to handle things instead of taking out your frustration through unacceptable behavior. 

Stay Within the Guest Limit

It’s very impolite to book a room for two people only to unload a minivan full of children, aunties, uncles, in-laws, and neighbors. 

Even if you think everyone can fit in one room – just don’t.

Take Care of The Property

People who trash a vacation rental during their stay are the worst kind of guests.

Just because you’re not the property owner doesn’t mean you’re entitled to behave like a hooligan. The unethical factor aside, some vacation rentals have strict laws against destroying the possessions of the property. 

You’ll end up paying a significant amount, not to mention your tarnished reputation in front of all the employees.

Avoid Wasting Food

We’re all guilty of doing it – stuffing our mouths and stomachs with Flaó and Tortillas just because we paid for them while opting for a buffet system. But as much as the thought of filling your plate with exquisite cuisines sounds appealing, you should know better.

Doing that would not only make you look greedy, but you’d be wasting food as well, considering most of the items would end up in trash anyway. 

Be An Eco-Friendly Guest

A lot of vacation rentals in Ibiza now offer eco-friendly products for guests who are conscious of the environment. From using recyclable products to automating energy control, it’s a great initiative that deserves applause.

The staff would greatly appreciate it if you played your part as well. For instance, turn off the electrical appliances when not in use and only take one towel per person.

Communicate Your Problems Appropriately

You’re visiting a new place, and you might not be familiar with how things are done in Ibiza. So, if you encounter a problem during your stay at a vacation rental, get it resolved without creating a ruckus. 

Talk to the staff first. If they cannot find a solution, request to see the manager and communicate your issues peacefully. 

Gather Your Garbage Before Leaving

No, you’re not expected to leave the rental vacation spotless before you go (although doing that wouldn’t hurt anyone). However, that doesn’t give you a pass to litter the place. 

Instead of making your room look like a fighting ground for raccoons, collect all the bottles and boxes and throw it in the dustbin. You can even ask the staff for an extra plastic bag for the trash.

Leave The Bed as It Is

This one’s a curveball.

Even if you think you’re being helpful, do not make the bed. That’s because the staff has to do it anyway. It’s a vacation house rule – you can’t do anything about it. 

So, if you make your bed before leaving, they would have to take it apart before doing it again, which, as you can imagine, is twice the work.

Open The Windows

Housekeepers have to do their job quickly to allow other guests to check-in. And that can prove challenging with no proper ventilation. 

Therefore, you’ll be doing them a big favor by opening the windows before leaving. 

Steer Clear of Hoarding Items

Remember those extra shampoos, soaps, toothbrushes, and other items you didn’t use? They’re not there to fill your bags with.

Instead, it would be good to give to other guests. This would eliminate the need for the management to take out more stuff from the inventory. 

Tip The Housekeeper

Want to make a grand last impression where you stay? 

Tip the housekeeper. It’s not required or expected but highly appreciated. 

Either leave some cash on the table or add some extra bucks to your final bill. 

Fill Out the Survey

As your wonderful journey comes to an end and you’re on your way out of the vacation rental, you might be requested to fill out a survey.

It may feel unnecessary, but your opinion can significantly improve the experience for other guests. 

So, take out a few minutes and provide your highly valuable feedback. 

That’s All for Today, Folks!

Ready to roll? Great!

Just remember to keep these vacation rental rules in mind, and you’re bound to have the time of your life.

Happy traveling!

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