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5 Nightclubs to Make Your Ibiza Stay Memorable

5 Nightclubs to Make Your Ibiza Stay Memorable

5 Nightclubs to Make Your Ibiza Stay Memorable

Party & Entertainment3/2/2022, 1:46:55 PM
5 Nightclubs to Make Your Ibiza Stay Memorable

If you thought Ibiza was only known for having stunning beaches, think again. While it is true that many people visit the island to roll in the sand and look at the sky-blue water, that’s not all the place has to offer.

Ibiza is also known for having extravagant nightlife. From lively bars to vibrant nightclubs- the real fun begins when the sun goes down. In fact, there are so many clubs that you won’t be able to decide which one to visit.

Well, that’s where we come in. 

In this blog, we’re going to discuss the best clubs in Ibiza.

It’s time to break out your dancing moves! 💃🏽

1.    Privilege

We could not have started our best nightclubs in Ibiza list without mentioning Privilege. It’s the largest nightclub in the world.

Yes, the whole world!

If you have trouble believing us, you can ask the Guinness Book of World Records. 

With a capacity of holding up to 10,000 guests, it’s something that you need to see to believe.

The nightclub looks more like a hangar of an airplane. That means it is over 25 meters high and 6,500 sq m. wide. And Privilege is not a hit just among locals, but celebrities too.

From Madonna to Tina Turner, artists from all over the world have graced Privilege with their presence.

2.    Amnesia

The history of Amnesia goes back to the 1970s, when a young philosopher, Antonio Escohotado, signed a lease for the venue.

Antonio called it El Taller de los Olvidadizo, which translates to The Workshop of Forgetfulness. He wanted to create a safe space where people would come and forget about everything bothering them.

After a few years, Antonio renamed the place Amnesia, which, according to him, represented everything about his idea. 

Amnesia consists of two rooms where the guests can party: 

·       The Club Room: a dark and spacious room with no entrance of light coming from the sun.

·       The Terrace: an arena with a glass roof that is filled with light when the sun rises.  


3.    Hi Ibiza

Hi Ibiza is relatively newer as compared to other clubs on the list. But don’t let that distract you from the fact that the nightclub provides an experience of a lifetime.

The club has:

  •  A capacity to fit 2,500 people
  • 7 VIP rooms
  • An open-air terrace
  • Two rooms

If you want to experience clubbing in Hi Ibiza at its best, we recommend visiting it during the summer. The club hosts the most prominent artists and DJs in the music industry.

Hi Ibiza has been the recipient of many awards, including the Best Nightclub Award in 2018. 

In short, if you’re a music enthusiast, then you can’t afford to miss visiting Hi Ibiza. 

4.    Eden

Despite being established in 1999, Eden’s popularity has only witnessed an increase over the years. And much of the credit for that goes to its recently renovated interior and sound system.

Located in the heart of San Antonio Bay, Eden is especially loved by electronic music lovers. 🎶

Eden has everything that you’d need in a nightclub to make your experience worth remembering. Some of its best qualities include:

  • A main room
  • Exclusive sound system
  • State-of-the-art sound engineering
  • Two large DJ booths
  • Several bars
  • Dance floor
  • Two VIP area
  • Private parking

What’s more, Eden regularly hosts none other than the Queen of Pop, Lady Gaga!

5.    Pacha

When it comes to providing exclusive VIP service, no club takes care of its members better than Pacha.

Created in 1973, Pacha has been a hot spot for music lovers for the past four decades. 

The 70s setting of the club, combined with modern music, makes it one of the best Ibiza nightclubs. 

Since it has an open floor dancing area, you can dance as nothing else matters in the world.

Ready To Experience Ibiza Night Life?

Well, that concludes our list of the best places to party in Ibiza. One of the most appealing benefits about the nightlife of Ibiza is that there’s something for everyone.

For instance, you can choose to enjoy quiet music surrounded by your loved ones or dance like no one’s watching amidst 10,000 people. The options are unlimited. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Forget all the worries of the world and start dancing!

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5 Nightclubs to Make Your Ibiza Stay Memorable

5 Nightclubs to Make Your Ibiza Stay Memorable

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