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Five Different Types of Alarm Systems

Five Different Types of Alarm Systems

Five Different Types of Alarm Systems

Security & Domotica1/9/2023, 7:27:16 AM
Five Different Types of Alarm Systems

Time has changed, and with the increasing number of criminal activities, safety and security have become the first priority. But like traditional time, locking doors and windows are not going to provide you security. Having a complete security system for the home and office is necessary. 

You can have a complete alarm system with the security system management in Ibiza for your property to stay safe and secure.  

Here, we have listed a few types of alarm systems to consider for your office and home:

Types of Alarm Systems

Wired Alarm System

Wired Alarm security system relies on your landline phone through with the signals transmit to the monitoring center. 

Furthermore, it has basic monitoring capabilities.

You need a cellular backup for this reason which is recommended to prevent weather or other landline interference.

Wireless Alarm System

If you want to get security systems without wires, then wireless alarm systems are the best choice. These alarm systems use a control panel and a series of sensors that are connected to built-in radio frequency transmitters. 

There are popular because of their ability of easy networking. They use smart functionality to view the video feed on the user’s phone, tablet and other devices.

When your alarm system is triggered, a signal is transmitted to the control panel. In this way, the alarm gets activated. There are some benefits of wireless systems:

  •  They allow for remote system control through your mobile machine

  •  They integrate with other smart house functionality like lights and thermostats

Electric Current Alarm System 

If you are looking for the most basic monitoring tool, then the electric current system is the perfect one. These sort of current alarm system monitor entry points only, like doors and windows.

They are often installed when a home is being built. A low-voltage electrical circuit floats between two ends with these systems. As a result, the current flows easily when the doors and windows are shut. In addition, if the windows and doors open and the circuit is disrupted, then it will trigger an audible beep.

Unmonitored Alarm Systems

This alarm kind is also known as a local alarm which means it relies on you or someone near your home to aware the authorities of an emergency. This system triggers audible and visual alarms whenever your system is tripped. 

This type of alarm system is a less expensive option compared to monitored systems.

In case the alarm leads an alert straight to your phone, you may be able to respond if you have good cell reception or are away from your machine.

Monitored Alarm Systems

You feel comfortable when you get trusted and professional looking out. A monitored alarm system helps in making sure that authorities are notified quickly in the event of a break in 24/7, 365 days.

This is because monitor alarm systems alert both the property owner and monitoring center operators when an alarm is activated.

The activation of the alarm depends on the type of system you have in place. It can be activated for the following actions:

  • Opening an entryway
  • Movement in the house via motion sensor
  • Loud sound via auditory sensors

The monitoring center will then check the alarm and dispatch emergency service if required.

Before You Leave

If you want to keep your property secure, then you need a security system that suits your requirement.

At HOY HOY IBIZA, we are linked with professional security system installers. Connect with them through our website.

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Five Different Types of Alarm Systems

Five Different Types of Alarm Systems

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