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Types of Yachts You Can Rent

Types of Yachts You Can Rent

Types of Yachts You Can Rent

Yacht and Boats12/19/2022, 12:31:57 PM
Types of Yachts You Can Rent

Having a sailing experience on a breathtaking island is a dream of many. In fact, that’s why Ibiza hosts thousands of tourists every year. Previously I’ve talked about the top sailing spots you must visit, but to go there, you need a mode of transport – either a boat or a yacht.

And if you’re looking to have a luxurious experience, why not rent a yacht to take all your friends and family?

If you’re confused or curious about the types of yachts you can rent, then this blog is for you.

Since there are several types of yachts to choose from, I’ve split them based on their characteristic features and what they’re suitable for.

So, this blog will serve in opening doors for you to rent the yacht of your dream.

Let’s start sailing! 😉


Different Types of Yachts

 Unlike shipping cargos used for loading and unloading equipment from the shore, yachts serve a recreational purpose. So, it’s more of a sea vessel you’ll be renting to explore what lies beyond the beach.

But before you get confused on which Ibiza boat charter to rent, here’s the yacht types list to ease all your worries.

 1.    Motor Yacht

 People often misinterpret motor yachts as the only luxury yacht rental there is. But that’s where you can’t be more wrong.

 Although motor yachts operate using one or more motors, you’ll only find these vessels at luxury marinas. Motor yacht owners are rich, to say the least, and that’s why it’s the most common and traditional yacht of all types.

 If you are planning on staying overboard for long, a motor yacht is your best option. That’s because these offer the maximum number of living quarters, with an upper and lower helm station.

 Take your family and friends, or cruise along deep into the blue sea – the choice is yours.

 2.    Express Cruiser

 Also called Cabin Cruisers, one or two motors power this type of yacht. Express Cruiser is perfect to use on waterway tours or staying long distances along coastal water.

 3.    Sports Yacht

 There can’t be a perfect option if you're into watersports activities other than getting your hands on a sports yacht rental. Not only do sports yachts have powerful motors for excellent speed and durability, but they also give you the means to enjoy watersports in full swing.

 4.    Sailing Yacht

While sailboats are traditionally used for commercial purposes, there’s another luxurious option to choose from. A sailing yacht can fulfill all your sea adventures. Besides being used for general recreational activities, you can also use these luxury yacht rentals for playing any water sports.

 5.    Gulet Yacht

 If you ever feel caught up between choosing a sailing yacht and a motor yacht, try a Gulet yacht. These are hybrid vessels and are considered a cross between sailing yachts and motor yachts. They are propelled with sails and motors, which adds to their strength, speed, and durability.

 6.    Catamaran

 What’s a vacation on an island without sunbathing to your heart’s content? Add in perfect selfies, and you’re sure to have a blast of a holiday.

 If that got you excited enough, let us tell you this: not every luxury boat gives you premium options to sunbathe. And that’s where Catamaran comes in.

 A Catamaran is a first-class yacht with extra space for three sunbathing spots onboard. With spacious cabins and a lounge area, a party always finds its way.

 What’s more, some Catamarans have air conditioning as well. So, there’s an option to cool off, too. 😉

 What’s the Best Yacht to Go on Boat Trips in Ibiza?

Well, that hits the nail right in. Deciding on the best type of yacht is challenging. It all depends upon what you prefer and the purpose you want a yacht rental for. But you should definitely consider three things before choosing a yacht for yourself:

ü  Make

ü  Model

ü  Rental price

 There are other factors that you should analyze, including:

ü  Speed

ü  Space

ü  Durability

 I understand knowing about the types of yachts alone is not enough for you to make a well-informed decision. For that, you need experts who have experience dealing with rental yachts in Ibiza.

Well, how about contacting one of the best companies who are partners with such rental services? That’s Hoy Hoy Ibiza for you.  

 So, how about saying “Hoy” to a memorable cruising adventure? 😊


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Types of Yachts You Can Rent

Types of Yachts You Can Rent

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