Legal and Accountancy on Ibiza

Legal and Accountancy on Ibiza


Establishing a business on Ibiza and maintaining accounts and taxation is not something that one can do without expert legal advice on Ibiza.

So, if you have been looking for a one-time solution to rid yourself of the legal issues your business might encounter, your troubles end here.

Hoy Hoy Ibiza understands that unique businesses like yours demand special attention. This, and the fact that we are always on the lookout to maximize your productivity, motivates us to diversify our services range.

We are partners with the best accountants and legal advisors on Ibiza who are the right fit for your accountancy needs. Let us connect you with them so you can have legal advice on Ibiza instantly.

Legal and Accountancy Services on Ibiza that Make a Difference

Book Keeping on Ibiza

Recording finances and transactions are a crucial part of doing business. But doing so comes with a twist – it is time-consuming and mentally draining, and yet inevitable.

Tax Advisors on Ibiza

Are you having trouble finding tax advisors on Ibiza who can guide you on facing investigations about your tax affairs? 

Landscape Maintenance on Ibiza

Are you having trouble finding tax advisors on Ibiza who can guide you on facing investigations about your tax affairs?

Financial Controllers on Ibiza

At Hoy Hoy Ibiza, we know the importance of managing finances to keep businesses running smoothly. But business owners often face difficulties while fixating a budget. If that is you, then we have the perfect solution. 

Accounting on Ibiza

While you focus on your business, neglecting your accounts and tax returns can prove risky. But with us as your go-to service provider who can connect you with the best accountants’ advisors on Ibiza 

Auditing on Ibiza

At Hoy Hoy Ibiza, we are focused on exceptional client services. That is why we do not limit ourselves to connecting you with financial service providers.

Bank Account Opening on Ibiza

Are you new to the business and looking to open a bank account? Or are you an individual confused about the complex procedures of account opening on Ibiza

Balance Sheet Preparation on Ibiza

Have you decided to take a bank loan for your business expansion? A balance sheet that includes all your financial statements, from assets to net worth and cash flow, can ease the loan process. 

Payroll Processing on Ibiza

Having a systematic approach for recording your employees’ payroll processing is always a significant advantage. But why should you do this time-consuming task yourself when you can easily hire payroll services on Ibiza

Contract Preparation on Ibiza

Preparing business contracts and understanding complex terms can prove challenging. But that is where Hoy Hoy Ibiza can help you. 


Hoy Hoy Ibiza is a family-owned business. We work with multiple partners across Ibiza to ensure that you can focus on what matters most – living a worry-free life.

We want you to have an ultimate Ibiza experience without worrying about searching for service providers. Our preferred partners guide you in all your unique needs so that you can enjoy your life.

We have a strict policy about that. All our preferred partners are exclusively screened in advance before we refer them to you. That is why with Hoy Hoy Ibiza, you are always in safe hands. 

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