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One of the most important necessities of life is food. At Hoy Hoy Ibiza, we don’t just

offer you a chance to consume your favorite food. Instead, we aim to give you a

pleasurable experience at your home.

We connect you with private chefs who are masters at their crafts. Being a specialist in

cooking particular cuisines, our partners ensure to deliver the pleasant taste you desire.

It’s time to do Ibiza

Connect today to our preferred partners

Relax and enjoy Ibiza to the fullest

Hot from the grill and onto your plate – our partners cook your BBQ item with the right

amount of spice you prefer.


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Cooked using delicious sauces and ingredients – French food by our partners will make

want to keep eating.


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The traditional and uncomplicated cuisine has never been more eat-worthy than what

our partners cook for you.


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From Chinese, Malaysian, Indian, all the way to the Middle East – get soaked in that

cultural feel by consuming our partner’s Asiatic food.


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Serving a large variety of wholesome and delightful Mediterranean delicacies to satisfy

your cravings.


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Eat healthy and feel happy with the nutrient-filled yet incredibly tasty vegetarian food

that’ll make you enjoy every bite.

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Private Chef

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Private Chef


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