Car Parking Services in Ibiza

From Valet-Parking, long-term parking or short-term parking, Ibiza is a small island and it receives millions of tourists every year. Between the tourists and the locals, taking a taxi to the airport has become something of a hassle in Ibiza. If you´re a resident, you know what we´re talking about. 

Once you plan your trip, you start thinking about all the logistics of getting to and from the airport, right? Don´t overthink it any further, our partner has the best solution for you.

How about a car parking service in Ibiza that does all this for you? Sounds good, no? 

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Stress-Free Airport Car Parking Services in Ibiza

All you need to do is pre-book your spot with our car parking service in Ibiza. Our partner is pleased to receive your call, email or WhatsApp to either pick up the car or deliver it at the time and place you feel comfortable leaving it.

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Our partners have been working as the go-to valet parking service in Ibiza for years.

With years of experience in car valet-parking in Ibiza, our partner has built their fame and good reputation through their dedication and openness. They know that when you leave your car behind, it´s like leaving a part of you, in their care and so, they will never break your trust and confidence.
Whatever your car needs during your absence, they will make sure they will attend to its every need and have it pampered till you get back. 


We like to consider ourselves as island locals at HOY HOY IBIZA, so we understand your need for stress-free commuting to and back from the airport. Simultaneously, we realize the inconvenience associated with car problems and your shortage of time.

Whether you’re struggling with no access to car parking space, facing car damage, or searching for the best second-hand cars, we are the anchor combining car services and clients under one roof.

Parking Services

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Parking Services


Parking Services


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