extra cleaning services in ibiza

Extra Cleaning Services in Ibiza

Cleaning your villa or apartment is vital, even if you’re on vacation. But even though you hire daily maid service in Ibiza, some tasks don’t come in their service package. These tasks include extra cleanings, such as window cleaning or deep power washing. 

No, we don’t recommend doing it yourself as it will take a reasonable chunk of your time. The best option here is to hire extra cleaning services in Ibiza. 

That’s where we come in. 

At HOY HOY IBIZA, we can connect you with extra mile cleaning services in Ibiza. Once we have all your required information, it will only be a matter of hours before you can hire quality services at your doorstep. 

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Extra Mile Cleaning Services in Ibiza

Deep cleaning a villa or apartment isn’t something you can do on your own. And hiring amateurs can make the situation worse, leaving your place opposite to what you expected. 

That’s why you shouldn’t compromise on just any other extra mile cleaning service in Ibiza. 

Throughout the years, we’ve researched the island for professionals who keep clients at top priority. And that’s how we formed reliable partnerships. Together, we facilitate your experience without any effort on your part. 

extra mile cleaning services in ibiza

Extra Mile Window Cleaning in Ibiza

Imagine looking out your hotel room’s window, but the outside view is all a blur due to the dirty surface. Well, you can’t have your windows looking like that. The best option here is to hire services that offer extra mile window cleaning in Ibiza. That’s what our partners offer. 

As professionals, they ensure cleaning your window back to a spotless one without delay. 

Looking for Hotel Room Cleaning in Ibiza?

Whether you’re a businessman or tourist, your hotel room reflects your personality. And if you have guests arriving, changing the linen and towels is essential. So, why not hire hotel room cleaning in Ibiza? Take the pain out of cleaning in one go once you connect with our partners. 

Not only are they experts, but they’re also punctual to the minute. As professional cleaners in Ibiza, they ensure none of your hotel room’s space looks out of place. Once you hire their services, you can rest assured that our partners will remove every speck of dirt before your eyes. 

Why Choose Us

HOY HOY IBIZA is all about facilitating your Ibiza experience. For that, we partner with several services at once, so you don’t have to search for yourself. 

Whether you’re looking for VIP hosting in hotels, daily maid service, or a private driver to travel from one place to another, we have you covered. 

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Extra Cleaning

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Extra Cleaning


Extra Cleaning


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