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Have you found your way on the island but looking for the best technological gear to make the most of your time?

Since you’re on vacation, it’s impossible to bring along stuff with you, such as PlayStation and lighting equipment in Ibiza. 

Well, not to worry because that’s where we come in. 

As a company focused on facilitating your stay, we offer our rental services for a wide range of equipment. So, whether you’re looking for indoor cinema hire, canoe rentals, or even a mosquito catcher, we have you covered. 

Hoy Hoy Ibiza is the all-in-one solution to all your required services. So, say goodbye to searching for multiple service providers.


Baby Equipment Rentals

Before visiting Ibiza, people often worry about what to do with their babies. A foreign country doesn’t exactly sound like the pe...

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Canoe Rental

Ibiza offers a wide range of fun-filled activities. While on the island, you cannot possibly become bored. Amongst other things t...

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DJ Equipment Rental

Ibiza is famously known for having gorgeous beaches and fascinating caves. But that’s not the only thing the island has to offer.

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Home Cinema Set

You are on the island for activities to relish each moment. Some may want to enjoy the outdoors, whereas many people prefer stayi...

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Lighting System

When it’s about events, lighting plays a significant role in setting the atmosphere. If not for the proper placement of the light...

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Mosquito Catcher

Imagine being on holiday and thinking about all the lovely places you can visit on the island.

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Motorbike Rental

If you are an enthusiastic bike rider, then the island is one of the top places to visit. While it is impossible to bring along y...

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PaddleBoard Rental

Ibiza is not only famous for parties and discos. Having the most scenic beaches, it is an Eden on Earth for nautical sports. In o...

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Spending your time outdoors and doing those activities can be tiring. You might want to chill out inside and refresh your mind. A...

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Private Cinema

You are on the island for activities to relish each moment. Some may want to enjoy the outdoors, whereas many people prefer stayin...

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Teqball is a kind of football game played on a curved table that is scientifically adapted. Over the years, this game has attracte...

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