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Ibiza is just too widespread to be explored on foot. That’s precisely why Hoy Hoy Ibiza has roped in incredible partners who offer captivating tours and activities for you to enjoy. 

These guided tours in Ibiza can not only allow you to discover the beauty on the island but eye-catching sea as well. So, go on a pleasureful adventure to be mesmerized by the beauty of Ibiza. Hoy Hoy Ibiza will give you the thrill you’re craving for.

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Guided Tours

Wondering where you can go on guided tours in Ibiza? Well, don’t you worry about a thing when Hoy Hoy Ibiza has got your back.

Bike Tours

Going on private bike trips in Ibiza at high speed with the wind blowing from all quarter – that’s the delight we don’t want you to miss.

Buggy Tours

Ride through the up and down roads of the island and get the ultimate experience of a buggy ride in Ibiza.


Instead of just rowing through the scenic sea of Ibiza, our partners provide you the best kayak routes in Ibiza.


Make your holidays more joyful with the hiking tours in Ibiza, organized by our partners. They’ll suggest the best peak that’s worth hiking.

Jeep Safari

Our partners provide you the opportunity to off-road on the sandy shores and get that incredible Ibiza jeep safari exposure. 


Deep dive into the beautiful sea of Ibiza and explore the unseen attractions during your snorkeling tour in Ibiza.

Quad Bike

Set off on a Quad bike adventure in Ibiza as our partner will guide you to the best routes where you can have the optimum thrill.



Horse Riding

Enhance your Ibiza horseback riding experience by availing services of our partners. We can connect you with professional horse riders to ensure you get the desired joy.

Stand up Paddle

Ride the high tides of the island sea on the quality standup paddleboard in Ibiza, provided by our partner to ensure your wellbeing.



Art & Wine

If you’re visiting the island, you have to go at least once on an art and wine tour in Ibiza to enjoy the experience of a lifetime. 


Adventure Tours in Ibiza

Take part in various adventure tours in Ibiza and create countless memories that you will remember for years to come.  

Mountain Biking in Ibiza

If you are new to Ibiza, then it’s the perfect chance to go for mountain biking trips in Ibiza. 

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