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10 Must-Try Appetizers During Your Dine Out

10 Must-Try Appetizers During Your Dine Out

10 Must-Try Appetizers During Your Dine Out

Private chefs in ibiza12/19/2022, 10:52:43 AM
10 Must-Try Appetizers During Your Dine Out

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear ‘food’?

 Is your answer “necessity”?

 If so, your answer is exactly the same as mine. You can’t live without food – period.

 Having said that, you wouldn’t want to eat any food that’s served, especially when you’re in Ibiza to enjoy yourself.

 You’d want to get your desired cuisines to satisfy your tastebuds. If you’re new here, you can understandably get confused about what to eat.

 Read on to find out the 10 most popular appetizers in Ibiza you can sink your teeth into.

 Are you wondering, “Why only the appetizers?”

 Well, the reason being that appetizers are usually the first food item to enter your stomach.

 An appetizer gives you that pleasing feeling when you’re hungry. It usually sets the tone of how well (or not so well) your meal goes.

 This blog can ease your decision-making process as you’ll know about the best-selling appetizers in most restaurants.

 So, get ready to have watery taste-buds. 😋

 1.   Tartar de Ternera con huevos Adobados:

 The juicy beef steak, marinated with eggs and served with crusty bread – a killer combination.

 This should be your ultimate fantasy as a beef lover.

 Getting the perfect beef steak is all about which types of sauces your chef is using and the quantity.

 2.   Jamón cortado:

 A fine and precise ham cut served with bread and the special Ibizan tomatoes – a pork lover's delight.

 According to your preference, restaurants can serve it smoked, salted, or dry.

 With its tantalizing taste, no wonder it makes the list of the most popular appetizers in Ibiza.

 3.   Ceviche de Lubina:

 Are you a seafood lover? Well, when you’re on an island surrounded by fishes and sea creatures, you can expect fresh food on your table.

 In Ibiza, you’ll find Sea Bass Ceviche food items to build up your appetite.

 You can have the taste altered according to your liking. This includes adding a bit of lemon and trying different spices to experiment.

 4.   Pan Bao con Tempura de Cangrejo;

 Another trending appetizer for the sea-food lovers – a crab, fresh out of the beautiful sea, on to your plate.

Crab Tempura with steamed buns, consumed with your favorite drink, is as delightful as it can get.

 5.   Carpaccio de carne:

 The pure and raw meat, Beef Carpaccio, gives you that rich flavor to trigger your appetite.

 Thin-cut slices, usually served with spices, lemon, and salad, it’s often the attraction of a restaurant’s appetizer menu.

 The main concept of this Italian food item is to deliver that raw experience.

 6.   Puglia Burrata fresca:

 Mostly preferred in the summer season, Puglia Burrata is freshly served on your table.\

The exterior consists of rolled dough on the top, whereas the inner part is a mixture of fresh cream and mozzarella strips.The consistent flavor, along with its juiciness, makes it a popular restaurant appetizer.

7.   Cangrejo ibicenco:

 With the sea creatures being an arms distance away, another seafood item joins the list of popular appetizers in Ibiza.

 Ibizan Crayfish, apart from being extremely delicious, it’s one of the healthiest seafood you’ll find in Ibiza.

 Ibizan Crayfish have fewer calories and fats, along with high proteins. Safe to say that if you want to remain physically strong – Ibizan Crayfish is the food for you.

8.   Tataki de vientre de atún:

 “Ibiza is a heaven for seafood lovers.”

 It’s not just a blatant statement. Here comes another seafood item in this list of most popular appetizers in Ibiza.

 What’s usually wasted in most places, Tuna Belly, is referred to as the king of sushi.

 A small portion of tuna, heated in the oil pan, gives that typical taste that seafood lovers want on their tastebuds.

9.   Patatas:

 French Fries are the heart of most restaurants around the world. But when it comes to Ibiza, you’ll see a different version.

 You can dip your French Fries in different sauces, according to what your taste buds desire. You can even have your preferred thickness.

 The spiciness of the fries can also be defined at the time of cooking.

 10.   Langostino tigre:

 A list that's dominated by seafood, it's only fitting that it ends with one.

 The Tiger Prawns, marinated with different ingredients and sauces and spices, makes it to the list.

These are cooked in olive oil to make them healthy as well.

 Summing It Up:

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there. That’s the scenario you’d face if you’re new in Ibiza and looking for food.

 Good thing you found this blog to save time and failed experiments.

 Want quality food of diverse cuisines? You can now hire your private chef, thanks to Hoy Hoy Ibiza.

Register now and take benefit of this wonderful service.

 So, which trending appetizer will you try first?

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