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5 Secret Ingredients Chef Use While Cooking for You

5 Secret Ingredients Chef Use While Cooking for You

5 Secret Ingredients Chef Use While Cooking for You

Private Chefs in Ibiza2/14/2023, 2:59:56 PM
5 Secret Ingredients Chef Use While Cooking for You

Ever tried a dish in a restaurant and decided to make it at home? Did it turn out exactly like it was in the restaurant?

I see the sheepish smile on your face (almost). 

Don’t worry. We’ve all been there. 

Yes, me too.

Well, let me tell you why it happened because your dish lacked the top-secret ingredients chefs use. 

 Sharing the Secret is Caring for the Tummy!

Ibiza isn’t just all about beach parties and nightclubs. In fact, it’s a gastronomic heaven for foodies all around the world. 

If you’ve recently reached the island, the mouthwatering aroma wafting from the restaurant kitchens can halt you right in your tracks. And once you’ve tasted a dish, you’re bound to want to try it back in your country.

So, to make sure you’re making it right the first time, you need unique ingredients that chefs use in their recipes. 

This blog is about to lay it out in the open. 

After reading this blog, you’ll know the key ingredients to use in your dishes to make them a chef-special. 

Let’s start. 

 1.    Olive Oil 

 Spain is one of the top olive oil producers. Besides Greece, if there’s a country that consumes more olive oil, it’s us.

 Now, if you’re a foreigner who just tried Spanish food, you might not even find any difference, but that’s what chefs use. 

 From frying with it to sauteing, dressing salads in olive oil, to even baking, there are only a few dishes that don’t have olive in them. 

 So, the next time you want to make Spanish cuisine, make sure you have an ample amount of olive oil in your kitchen.

 After all, there’s no such thing as too much olive. :D

 2.    Sherry Vinegar

 Most people think if a dish is missing something, it’s ‘salt.’ But adding salt won’t fix your dish. 

 Spanish chefs use Sherry vinegar – the fine wine of all vinegar to add a unique taste to food.

 Sherry vinegar has a sharp taste and is used in dressings and sauces. 

 3.    Paprika

 Spanish dishes are incomplete without paprika – a fine, smokey red powder that not only enhances the color but fine-tunes the taste, too. 

 Don’t worry. It’s not as spicy as it looks and actually comes in three varieties – sweet, bittersweet, and spicy. 

 Chefs reveal using it liberally, either with simple chicken or fish dishes. 

 4.    Tomatoes

 Whether in paste form or fresh, tomatoes mark one of the top ingredients in Spanish food. 

When in season, you can find tomatoes turned into gazpacho or sliced as salads. 

 But chefs don’t say no to canned tomato paste, either - as long as it’s of high quality, of course. 

 5.    Fresh Bread

 The secrets of a chef’s recipes lie in the bread. 

 For us Spaniards, bread is more than an appetizer and actually a complete meal. 

 Chefs who know how to make Spanish bread also know how to make it into an elaborate culinary artwork. So, from baguettes to rustic rye hogazas, you can find every Spanish bread variety there is. 

 Fun fact: if you have leftover sauce on the plate that is impossible to be scraped off, you can use bread as a fourth utensil, too! 😉

 Before You Leave

Now that you know the top chef ingredients, there’s no way your dish won’t turn out restaurant-perfect. 

And if you want to enjoy Spanish food without making the efforts yourself, I have a better option for you – hiring a private chef. 

Since you’re on holiday, having your personal chef can leave you time to explore the beautiful island. 

The plus point? You can have your private chef serve you steamin’ hot Spanish cuisines right at the place where you’re staying. 


Hundreds of clients are trusting Hoy Hoy Ibiza to connect them with personal chefs in Ibiza. 

Why not you, as well?

Contact team Hoy Hoy Ibiza today for more information. 

They’re friendly, courteous, and multilingual, too. So, that’s all of your language difficulties covered. 

 Let me know when you’ve had the best Spanish meal made by the private chef you hired.

Until next time! 😊 

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5 Secret Ingredients Chef Use While Cooking for You

5 Secret Ingredients Chef Use While Cooking for You

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