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5 Things That Decrease Your Car's Resale Value

5 Things That Decrease Your Car's Resale Value

5 Things That Decrease Your Car's Resale Value

Car Services4/12/2023, 7:34:55 AM
5 Things That Decrease Your Car's Resale Value

Any investment you make becomes an asset, but if you neglect a few factors, your car can become a liability.

If the resale value of your car has already dropped, it's most likely because you have neglected the elements that affect its worth.

Consider yourself as a buyer. When you buy a used car, you try to choose the nearest to the original version of that particular model. 

As a result, you need to be aware that some elements will damage your car's resale value.

You can determine the worth of a used car by using various criteria, including its:

  • Model and year
  • Mileage
  • Condition
  • Features

Based on these criteria, make sure you go to the right place to get a suitable used car inspection services in Ibiza.

Here's what affects the value of a car.

5 Factors that affect the value of your car

Your car is only worth what someone will pay for it

You hope you can achieve a good amount when upgrading from your current vehicle to investing towards your next vehicle.

But have you recently visited a classifieds website online? There're always countless numbers of cars available for purchase.

Even a few unexpected flaws could cause customers to cross your car off their list or deduct a few zeros from its prospective price tag.

Whether you're trying to sell it yourself or trade it into a dealer, it pays to make your car stand out positively and solve the pesky issues affecting its resale value.

Mismatched or heavily worn tires

"Kicking the tires" refers to inspecting a car for sale.

The phrase derives from the early days of motoring, when pressing a firm toe into low tires may indicate weakness.

Most people who buy a used car look closely at the tires for signs of excessive or uneven wear, which can reveal carelessness or underlying suspension damage.

Many people pay attention to the brand and model of tires installed on all four corners.

Customers may reject your car or demand a lower price if the tires need to be replaced, because tires are one of the most expensive parts of a car.

Windshield cracks

Any type of damage to the glass can be disturbing to the driver. Therefore, chips and cracks should be repaired as soon as possible.

Don't neglect it, as the buyers can also see these cracks right away.

Fortunately, most of the insurance providers pay for windscreen replacement or repair without raising your deductibles.

So, give them a call before you try to sell your car.

It's usually a quick process, and if there's no cost for you, there's no reason not to do it before you sell.

Irregular maintenance history

Aside from your home, your car could be the most expensive purchase you'll ever make (and also one of the most confusing).

Used-car purchasers want to make sure they’re purchasing a car that has been well maintained.

All work performed on your car, including oil changes, tire rotations, and routine tune-ups, should be documented.

To reassure prospective purchasers that you've done everything possible to maintain it operating at peak performance, keep all the receipts in a file folder and display them to customers.

Don't forget to include those records in that pile of papers if your car needs more repairs.

As buyers can quickly obtain a vehicle history record from various online sources, leaving out those receipts can give the impression that you're hiding something.

Cracked taillights

Parking lot accidents do occur.

And dealing with an insurance company (and the associated deductible claim) over a damaged taillight is frequently more hassle than it's worth.

Buyers will notice the plastic flaws at either end of the car when you go to sell it.

Fortunately, most current automobile lights can be changed with a screwdriver. Others might need a ratchet and socket, but it's usually simple.

In the worst situation, just buy the item and find a helpful neighbor who will assist you for a small price if you don't feel qualified to complete the work yourself.

Final Thoughts

Everyone wants to receive the maximum return on their investments, and your car is frequently your second-most valuable asset after your home.

Even if its future is with someone else, keep it safe now to make money when you decide to sell it.

So, if you want to provide exceptional care to your car, HOY HOY IBIZA can save you without any inconvenience.

We have the best car inspection partners who can assist you with various services that focus on maintaining and even raising the trade-in value of your car.

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