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How To Identify Car Exhaust Problems?

How To Identify Car Exhaust Problems?

How To Identify Car Exhaust Problems?

Car Services4/10/2023, 11:25:10 AM
How To Identify Car Exhaust Problems?

Owning a car is comfortable, but everything comes with a price. It's way more challenging than it looks.

Things requires maintenance to work perfectly. But when it comes to cars, the maintenance requirement exceeds the bars.

To add fuel to the fire, lack of proper maintenance and not getting timely garage services in Ibiza can introduce your vehicle to new issues.

Car exhaust troubles are one of those problems which can kill the performance and ability of your vehicle.

So, if you identify the exhaust problem signs early and take proper measures, your vehicle can provide you years of reliable service.

Here are some signs and symptoms of car exhaust problems:

8 Major Symptoms of Car Exhaust Problems

Weird noises when accelerating

If your exhaust manifold gasket is damaged, you may hear a hissing or tapping sound due to losing gas.

When you accelerate, the sound can even get louder.

It's crucial to get all these issues checked right away because if there are exhaust issues, toxic gases may leak into your vehicle.

Car is unable to accelerate properly

Issues with your exhaust system can also impact your engine's performance.

If your car isn't accelerating correctly, it could be due to an exhaust leak.

This condition can only worsen unless you’ve it checked out by a certified car mechanic.

Engine light is on

Although there’re many other reasons why the engine light on your car may turn on, one of them can be a damaged exhaust system.

To be sure that your car is safe, it’s best to have your engine light checked by professionals.

Strange smells

You may be experiencing issues with your exhaust system if you smell anything burning or a gas leak.

A burning odor could mean that your gasket has failed.

The heat from the exhaust gases that leak into your engine compartment causes plastic parts and wiring to burn, which gives off the burning odor you smell.

A petrol smell coming from within your car could also indicate a problem with the exhaust system.

This occurs when a pipe bursts, allowing gas to flow out and occasionally into your vehicle.


As a sign of exhaust issues, your automobile may start to vibrate while you’re driving.

Although your car shouldn't vibrate normally, you might feel them in the steering wheel or the brake pedal.

You should consult a car repair specialist if your car vibrates because this is a sign that your exhaust system has serious problems.

Abnormal exhaust smoke

If you find that your car is blowing out a lot of smoke, it could be a sign that your exhaust system needs repair.

Even the color of the smoke could be able to pinpoint the situation. Blue, black, white, or gray are the most prevalent hues.

Visible rust

Rust on your car can be pretty dangerous if not properly maintained.

Your car's exhaust system can rust more frequently if you typically drive shorter distances as compared to longer ones.

Short journeys enable the water to accumulate but never reach a temperature where it can evaporate.

Rusting can be brought on by water droplets that have been left in one place for a long time.

Decreased fuel efficiency

In addition to safety, one of the prime reasons for having exhaust issues corrected is that they can reduce your car's fuel efficiency.

This means that more fuel is required to start your car, which will result in more journeys to the fuel station.

If you don't get your car's exhaust issues fixed right away, you can end up losing a lot of money.

Final thoughts

Regardless of whether you've seen any visible problems, you must get your exhaust system checked every year or two.

If you want your car checked, make an appointment for an exhaust system service, and let HOY HOY IBIZA car maintenance partners take care of your vehicle.

Our certified partners will handle everything, from fixing the exhaust leaks to examining the engine light, and some other checks for peace of mind.

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