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9 Fun Water Sports and Activities to Try This Summer
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9 Fun Water Sports and Activities to Try This Summer

9 Fun Water Sports and Activities to Try This Summer

Watersports in ibiza1/4/2023, 7:56:15 AM
9 Fun Water Sports and Activities to Try This Summer

Tropical getaways are the best destinations for vacations, especially in summer.

Some people spend their vacations at the hotel wading in the ocean, gathering seashells, and cooling off. Others see a trip to the tropical getaways as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in various water activities.

One of the most thrilling water activities is watersports. This activity is one of the best ways to stay cool while at the beach. There is not a single day too hot when you’ve got a place to take a dip.

So, consider trying out new summer water sports in Ibiza this season to celebrate the fun days ahead.

And if you want to know about some of the best and most fun water activities and sports for summer, then give this blog a read now:


If you want to take your surfing experience to the next level, then you should try hydrofoil surfing. The board has a foil attached to its bottom to pull out water using the kinetic energy in the right conditions.

As such, you can reach much higher speeds, and you will feel like you are flying over water. 

If possible, you should try normal surfing before trying a hydrofoil because it arrives with more risks. Also, it wouldn’t be easy to master hydrofoil. But you can make it laidback by finding your balance to control the surfboard.

You should try hydrofoil if you love riding motorcycles, as you are able to reach top speeds.


Do you want to experience a blend of many water activities in one? Then you should go kitesurfing. This water sport includes the experience of wakeboarding, surfing, windsurfing, and paragliding.

This activity is fun enough to take your riding excitement to a top-notch level. In this sport, you have to attach your feet to your board and secure yourself with a large kite strapped around your waist. Then, you have to use the kite handle to control it as it holds the wind and drives you over the water.

So, if you want to experience the most thrilling activity, count this in your bucket list. It is a good time to try this water sport if you have never tried this before.


Riding a surfboard on the forward face of a wave is one of the most iconic water sports. And it is fantastic to have an early morning surf session for a better morning.

If you’re near the ocean, then there is no time like to try summer surfing for the first time, as many coastal communities offer classes to teach you fundamentals.

With the perfect balance, you’ll be smashing the waves in no time after you’ve mastered the three basic breaks.


This water sport is for people who love to fly high. So, you can enjoy the experience of flying high and having fun flying boarding experience. If you ever want to experience being high above the water, then this is your chance. You can reach a height of up to 80 feet.

You’ll be fastened to a board or boots that will be connected to another watercraft, such as a jet ski. The jet ski presents the push to get you high into the air.

Despite how crazy this watersport looks, it is pretty easy to learn this sport.


Kayaking is one of the most common water sports around the world. Kayaking is relatively easy, which is fantastic for everyone. Kayaks are thin and small watercraft that hold one or two people at a time and are set in motion by a double ended paddle.

If you want to discover the calmness of the water, then kayaking in Ibiza is the best option for you. Kayak’s small size and low height allow you to explore shallow waters and cruise along the shorelines.

It’s a fun activity that you can do alone or with someone.

Wind Surfing

Although windsurfing is an old-school water activity, it is the most challenging activity compared to others. It requires strength and precise movements to maintain balance.

Windsurfing is a risky sport. It requires lessons when you start learning. These lessons will help you get standing on the board, avoid getting an injury, and to control the sail.

Jet skiing

Jet skiing is one of the most common water sports. It is a must to indulge in these sports if you love to ride on the waves. Riding a motorcycle in the open water allows you to jump waves, turn on a dime, go for swims, explore water, and much more.

You can experience the fresh air through your hair as you speed your way through the blue water.

Scuba Diving

Going underwater to explore marine life is fun for individuals who love to see the underwater world.

It is a fun summer water sport that requires expertise and feels like exploring a whole new world. But it is a fun family activity where you can explore coral reefs while marveling at marine life like manta rays.

Stay Cool While You Stay at Beach

Water activities are one of the most thrilling ones that can keep you cool and healthy in summer. To be sure, the land has a lot to offer, but on the other hand, the seas provide limitless opportunities for some fun.

If you are visiting Ibiza and looking for fun water activities for summer, then we have you covered.

At HOY HOY IBIZA, we’ve partnered with water equipment rental companies and different water sports companies to offer outstanding services. So, enjoy your summer and experience a new adventure.

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