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Differences Between Relationship Coaching & Couples Therapy

Differences Between Relationship Coaching & Couples Therapy

Differences Between Relationship Coaching & Couples Therapy

Coaching and Healing6/21/2022, 11:56:41 AM
Differences Between Relationship Coaching & Couples Therapy

The recent turn of events [read=pandemic] has increased awareness of mental health. It’s no longer just a sudden outburst of a dissatisfied teen. Instead, the horrors of Coronavirus have enveloped everyone.

Couples and people in relationships have been the most affected. That said, the need for professional help has increased tenfold.

Naturally, people look for the best relationship coaches in Ibiza or a couples’ therapist who can assist them on the road to a fulfilling relationship.

Wait, aren’t relationship coaches and couple therapists the same?

Not really.

We get how confusing it can feel to interchange the two. But after reading this blog, you’ll know the difference between the two and decide the one you need.

Let’s begin.

What Is Couples Therapy?

Couple therapy is a type of therapy that works on improving romantic relationships. Your therapist will help you address communication gaps, conflicts, and other problems between you and your partner.

Different schools of thought address relationship struggles differently, but the goal is one: to rekindle the romantic relationship and ensure closeness between partners.

What Is Relationship Coaching?

Relationship coaching works on the goal-oriented model, unlike traditional couple therapy. It gives couples an action plan to work on to achieve their relationship goals. This happens through personal growth models and other success coaching techniques.

Moreover, unlike couples therapy, which focuses on the psychological root of the problems, relationship coaching pinpoints the solutions.

It's a modern way of finding quick solutions that couples seek without going through underlying issues.

Similarities Between Coaching and Therapy

  • Coaches and therapists offer an empathetic environment to work on personal and relationship goals.
  • While the approach is different, both work with action-oriented strategies.
  • Therapists and coaches focus on behavioral improvement and the future growth of their clients.
  • While a therapist receives full training to offer therapy, coaches, too, undergo some training to help clients.

What to Expect in Couples Therapy and Relationship Coaching?

With a couples' therapist, you can:

  • Understand past events and work through the emotions, influences, and triggers in your current life
  • Know yourself better to make well-informed choices about your future relationships
  • Identify and evaluate how you feel during or after a fallout with a partner
  • Learn coping exercises to better control your emotions

With a relationship coach, you can:

  • Discuss your past relationship and your current situation
  • Get assessments on core issues and triggers that led to the breakup
  • Become clear whether you should move on or go for a reconciliation
  • Discover coping strategies and dysfunctional behavioral patterns to move forward

Difference between Relationship Coaching and Couples’ Therapy

  • Relationship coaching doesn’t deal with diagnosing a psychological issue or mental health disorder. Couple therapy does.
  • Couple therapy doesn’t help you decide whether you should move on or reconnect with your partner. Relationship coaching does.
  • Relationship coaching doesn’t give you actionable advice on everyday challenges. Couple therapy does.
  • Couple therapy doesn’t help you understand your ex’s feelings towards you. Relationship coaching might help with it.

Having said that, coaching and therapy are not a substitute for each other.

While couple therapy involves working on your mental health and improving romantic relationships, counseling for relationship issues can help you achieve your long-term or short-term goals.

What Is the Right Choice for You?

If you’re thinking, ‘why work with a relationship coach?’ or “how does couples’ therapy work?” ask yourself this:

“What goals do you seek for your current issues?”

If you’re struggling with your emotions, want to control your relationship troubles, or simply fear commitment, therapy is the right choice.

A relationship coach can work wonders if you’re looking to reconnect with your ex or want to pursue a new romantic relationship.

If it’s the latter, HOY HOY IBIZA has the best relationship coaches in Ibiza that you can connect with. So don’t hesitate to give us a call anytime. 

Here’s to your happy and healthy relationship! 🥂

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