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property management services in ibiza

Property Management Services in Ibiza

Good property management services in Ibiza don’t cost – they pay. So, expect beyond-par management of your property by HOY HOY IBIZA. Whether yours is a residential property or commercial, we’ll assist you in earning revenue every month.

What Do Our Property Management Services in Ibiza Include?

keyholding service in ibiza

Key Holder

Keep your property safe from prying eyes with key holding security services in Ibiza. Available 365 days a year and 24 hours a day in emergencies. Contact now!


How We Manage Your Property in Ibiza

As a leading property management company in Ibiza, we do the A-Z work for your prized possession. We understand your real estate investment needs an expert’s touch to catch prospects’ attention. And that’s why we start from the ground up. Our all-inclusive property management services in Ibiza involve the following:

Property Listing

We compare your place with similar properties in the marketplace before listing yours. This ensures getting the most value for your investment and putting the spotlight on the best.

Tenant Selection

Once interested parties approach us, we perform screening and background checks to ensure only qualified tenants occupy your space. In turn, this leads to stress-free rent collection and a smooth experience for you.

Tenant Management

From listening to tenants on your behalf, collecting rent on time, and delivering the payments to you, we manage every interaction on our own. Your role is that of a real estate investor gaining passive income on their property while we do the footwork.

Property Maintenance

Whether required before a tenant moves in or after they move out, we offer maintenance services to keep your property in the best shape. This includes repainting, repair work, and replacements, as required.

Ongoing Support & Reporting

Go stress-free after hiring our expert property managers in Ibiza because you can keep in touch via your preferred method. Call us, email us, or join us on WhatsApp to follow up on updates about your property.

Airbnb, CRBO, Booking.com – We’re Super Hosts on All

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We don’t only present our platform where you can list your property but also help you reach a wider audience via big names like Airbnb and more.

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Serving All Over the Island as Owners’ First Choice of Property Management Company in Ibiza

HOY HOY IBIZA works for its property owners’ and tenants’ best interests. So, if you’re an owner looking for maximum returns on profits, our services can help you do just that. We can assist you in filling vacant properties, increasing revenues, and managing expenses without delay. For tenants, we’re the go-to platform for choosing the best properties with closed eyes. That’s because we’ve done the legwork ourselves, choosing only properties in excellent living conditions as listings. We also keep the management process seamless and efficient, so both parties can benefit alike.

What Makes Our Property Management Services In Ibiza Different

Multilingual Experts

Not a native speaker and worried about the language barrier? Don’t let it come between your dealings, as we have multilingual experts on our team to make it easy to connect with prospective renters.

Do You Own a Property in Ibiza?

Whether you’re an accidental landlord or own one to make a living out of it, we’ve got your back. We’d love to take the burden of management off your shoulders, so you can enjoy what life offers.

Discuss Your Property Management Needs with Us

Discuss Your Property Management Needs with Us

Discuss Your Property Management Needs with Us

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