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Villa Care Services in Ibiza

Villa Care services in ibiza

We Keep Your Property Safe & Secure When You’re Away from Home

Why worry when you have the best villa care service providers in Ibiza working for you? Trust HOY HOY IBIZA’s efficient team to care for your vacation home like our own.

Do you own a second home in Ibiza but spend most of your time in another country? Do you feel anxious knowing your home will be left unattended and empty in your absence for the next three months or more? Get rid of anxiety and doubts with a professional, reliable, and friendly property care company in Ibiza. That’s HOY HOY IBIZA for you.

Your Villa’s Care Is Our Priority

We’re all about adding a personal touch to ensure your property is well-maintained throughout the year. Moreover, we offer a customized villa care plan to guarantee your property is safe.

Discuss Your Requirements

Sit with us or discuss your needs on call to prepare a customized plan.

Choose a Plan

Choose our custom offer for your villa, and we’ll work on it accordingly.

Get Experts

Hire expert property managers in Ibiza for property maintenance, cleaning, security, and more.

Sit Back & Relax

Enjoy your stay inside or outside of the White Island, knowing your villa is in responsible hands.

The hoy hoy Ibiza difference

Why Choose Us as Your One-Stop Villa Care Company in Ibiza?

As a leading villa care company in Ibiza, our thoroughness is the biggest trait setting us apart. Taking it up a notch, we offer complete discretion and dependable service for your peace of mind. So, when you hire our villa care services in Ibiza, you say yes to tons of benefits, including, but not limited to:

365 Days Security

When your property is under our care, we take responsibility for protecting it at all times. This includes taking emergency measures if the need arises, ensuring the doors and windows are locked and secured 365 days a year.

Regular Cleaning & Maintenance

We make it a priority to clean your villa from the inside out. We also take care of the interior decoration, repairs, and maintenance work to give it the spotless look it deserves.

Monthly Reports

Even though you’re physically away from your property, we know you’ve invested your heart and money in it. That’s why we share monthly reports with you to let you know everything you need to know about your villa.

Utility Bills Management

Being away from your property doesn’t lessen the burden of managing utility bills. We do the footwork on your behalf by contacting the utility companies and taking care of timely payments.

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What Else Can You Expect from Our Exceptional Villa Care Services in Ibiza?

We comprise a team of experienced property managers in Ibiza who’ve catered to clients from all around the world.

More than that, we’re attuned to the different neighborhoods on the island. This leads to creating villa care plans specific to the area requirements. For example, if you want us to perform regular check-ins and mail pickups, we can do so weekly or bi-weekly.

If you own cars and have them standing in the garage, we’ll send in an expert to make sure they’re in running condition and covered to avoid damage. Besides that, we make it a point to maintain your property’s cleanliness, ensuring it’s fit for a leisurely stay on your next visit.

Creating value for properties in Ibiza by providing personalized services.

Creating value for properties in Ibiza by providing personalized services.

Creating value for properties in Ibiza by providing personalized services.

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Pest Control

Utilize Ibiza’s best pest control service providers to drive those pesky insects away from your property.


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