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Here’s How Much Energy a Solar Panel Produces

Here’s How Much Energy a Solar Panel Produces

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Here’s How Much Energy a Solar Panel Produces

Home & Garden1/19/2023, 12:33:34 PM
Here’s How Much Energy a Solar Panel Produces

Scientists estimate that the Earth receives enough sunlight to meet humanity’s energy requirements for a year. Yet less than 1% of Ibiza’s energy comes from renewable sources. 

That begs the question, why aren’t more people shifting towards solar panel installation in Ibiza?

Well, there’s no simple answer.

Some don’t have the resources, while others lack knowledge.

For instance, multiple types of solar panels exist (even though they all look the same), generating varying amounts of electricity.

If you’re also thinking of switching, you’d be interested in knowing the same: how many kWh does a solar panel produce?

To understand this, you must have a firm grasp of a few scientific concepts.

How does a solar panel produce energy?

  • Particles of light (or photons) have electrons circling their orbits.
  • When these electrons are removed, the light particles generate energy – direct current (DC).
  • Solar panels help light particles eliminate their orbital electrons, capturing and storing the DC in their photovoltaic (PV) cells.
  • The solar panels convert the DC into alternating current (AC) using inverter technology.
  • Finally, the AC flows through the home appliances, turning them on.

How much electricity do solar panels produce?

A 3kw or 4kw solar panel array will produce 3,500kWh of electricity per year, which is enough to power a house of 4-5 family members. But if it’s just you and your partner, a 2kw solar panel array will be enough, which generates 1700kWh of electricity yearly.

To calculate the actual figures, follow this simple formula: multiply the panel’s wattage by the average sunlight hours your house receives daily.

Keeping the above formula in mind, let’s say your panel’s wattage is 230 watts, and your house receives 8 hours of sunlight every day.

So, 230 watts x 8 hours = 1840kWh per day.

Of course, it isn’t always as simple as multiplying two equations; several factors affect the panel’s wattage and how much sunlight your house receives.

We’ve mentioned them below:

Factors affecting the energy produced by a solar panel

Harsh weather conditions

Since solar panels are installed on the roof of a house, they’re exposed to harsh weather conditions. Although they need sunlight to function properly, the other elements that come with sunlight aren’t welcome.

For instance, rain, dust, and even bird poop can affect the output produced by a solar panel.

Therefore, it’s best to clean your solar panels at least once in six months to ensure they remain productive and efficient.


As we’ve already mentioned before, solar panels require sunlight to properly function. If you install them under a shade, it’ll affect their energy production. It’s true for even the lightest shade, such as that of a tree.

So, if you want your solar panels to perform optimally all year round, keep them as far away from a shade as possible.

Panel characteristics

Apart from external factors, such as weather and shade, the solar panel itself has a significant impact on the energy generated.

They vary by wattage, also known as power rating. The wattage represents the amount of energy the panel will produce under specific conditions.

Until now, polycrystalline solar panels were immensely popular. However, monocrystalline solar panels have taken their place over the last few years simply because they generate more power than polycrystalline solar panels.

An important tip to remember while purchasing solar panels is the higher their power rating, the more energy they’ll produce.

What happens to the additional energy produced by a solar system?

The sun’s out in Ibiza for 300 days a year.

This means if you install a solar system, you’ll receive plenty of sunlight to power your residential property. In fact, you’ll get so much that there will be a surplus.

When that happens, you should contact your local energy utility company, which might offer you a credit.

But it depends on the company’s specific rules. So, it’s best to consult them if you’d like to know more about this process, called net metering.

Opt for a greener energy system today

The future of Earth depends on what we do in the present. Only if we mend our ways can we expect to leave it in a better condition for future generations.

Installing a solar system on your property is an effective way of choosing a greener lifestyle. Not only would you be doing our planet a huge favor, but cut your energy bills to a large extent.

So, contact HOY HOY IBIZA today and take the first step towards preserving Earth’s natural resources. We’ll connect you with our preferred partners, who will arrive at your property, assess it, and inform you about the best solar panels.

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