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How to Keep Your Gardens in Shape All Summer?

How to Keep Your Gardens in Shape All Summer?

How to Keep Your Gardens in Shape All Summer?

Home & Garden2/9/2023, 9:56:29 AM
How to Keep Your Gardens in Shape All Summer?

Do you have a garden in your home, located on the Island of Ibiza?

 Good News – You can enjoy perks like:

-        Feeling re-energized

-        Getting fresh oxygen

-        Sitting under the sun in summers.

 Pay attention to the last point because that brings about potential worrying news.

 The summer season is an enemy of your garden. From being eye-catching and matching the beauty of Ibiza, your garden can turn into a land of weeds.

 Are you worried and don’t know what to do?

 Well, you don’t have to.

 Here are some positive vibes for you: you can save your garden from harm in the summer season.


 Well, to get answers, you’ve landed on the right blog.

We’ll share some effective summer gardening tips that can do wonders for your garden.

 Here are the recommended summer gardening ideas to apply.

 Let’s start prepping your garden to sustain the challenges of summers. 

 1.    Pay Attention to Watering

 We’ve grown up hearing that plants need water to grow.

 Well, if you’ve also watched the Karate Kid, you’d remember the phrase, “Too much of a good thing is a bad thing.”

 Got what we’re trying to say?

During summers, the weather usually remains humid weather. It’s understandable to think that you need to water the garden more than usual.

 Despite your good intentions, you’ll only end up harming the greenery in your garden.

 We advise you to make it easy for yourself and give your arms a rest.

There’s no need to water your garden extensively.

 You can water your garden about 2,3 times a day, after considerable intervals.

 2.    Win the Battle Against Pests

 As irritating as the summer season is for you and your garden, it’s pleasant for another entity.

 Those are the pesky ants, bugs, and all kinds of insects reaching your garden. When they reach their destination, they have only one goal – wreak havoc.

 To ensure safety, you need to up your game in the battle against these pests.

 Protecting your garden against pests isn’t only a summer gardening tip. Pest attacks can happen at any time.

 It’s just that in the warm weather of Ibiza, the intensity of the pest attack is higher and more frequent.

 3.    Use Plants as Practical Shade Solution

 Most people use the long tree in their gardens to shade from the sun rays. But is that the only benefit of those towering natural structures?

 Not really, because you aren’t the only beneficiary of that shade. Your trees can also guard your garden against the harmful beams of the sun.

 You’d be thinking, “But we’ve been told that sunlight is good for plants.”

If you still have that question, read point one again. It’s the same with water being good for plants, but too much water being harmful.

 So, when summer arrives, ensure your trees are planted in the right place to provide the perfect shade.

 And while you’re at it, wouldn’t you like to create a bit of style with your shade? Of course, you would.

 To further enhance the elegance of your garden, experiment with different shade garden designs.

 See what you did here?

You’ve created practical shade solutions for people in your garden, its leaves, along with enhancing the beauty of your garden.

 How cool is that?

4.    Ask the Experts

 You might know all the techniques and tricks to protect your garden in the summer season. But aren’t you forgetting something?

 You’re in Ibiza to enjoy and avail numerous facilities on offer. Every minute has to be precious for you.

 When summer is about to arrive, and you see trouble, ring up gardening experts to ask your questions.

 Having trouble finding a quality gardening partner on the Island? Let us assist you with that.

At Hoy Hoy Ibiza, we can connect you with a reliable partner to ensure you have moments to cherish when you’re on the island.

 Register now and get in touch with expert gardening service providers. Ask them questions yourself and get your queries solves.

 They can give you the summer garden tips you need to save your garden.

Summing It Up:

 It’s always better to be proactive instead of waiting for the worst to happen.

And although we’ve summed up summer gardening tips, it doesn’t mean they need to be implemented only when summer comes.

 You need to work on these summer gardening ideas well before the season arrives.

 So, ask yourself, “Is your garden equipped for the summer season?”

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