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Should I Hire a Professional to Hang My Wallpaper?

Should I Hire a Professional to Hang My Wallpaper?

Should I Hire a Professional to Hang My Wallpaper?

Home & Garden3/3/2023, 8:18:02 AM
Should I Hire a Professional to Hang My Wallpaper?

Home is the place where you often try new things to bring a change. Considering this, the first thing that crosses your mind is decorating your home.

One of the most economical methods to give your home the flair it's been lacking is installing new wallpaper.

So, are you worried which would be better for you, hiring a professional wallpaper installer or doing DIY wallpaper installation?

Relax, it's not that much of a nail-biting decision.

With the right equipment, time, patience, and a helper, you might be able to pull off this task.

But, on the other hand, there's a high possibility that this ride takes a drastic drift as you are not a professional.

In that case, hiring a professional wallpaper installer in Ibiza is the best solution.

Here's a quick mind mapping that could give you an overview to choose which way would be better for you.

How can diy wallpapering turn out for you

You might think there’s something thrilling about putting all your time and sweat into a DIY project of taking over the decorative control in your hands.

However, hanging wallpaper is not as enjoyable as you think, especially if it’s your first time. It can take crazy changes in seconds.

If you are a cautious person with no doubts about yourself, then you should go for it.

It only takes a wallpaper (obviously), a scrapper, adhesive, a smoothing tool, rollers, and some plastic sheets to cover the floor from getting messy.

But if not, then back out immediately because there’s almost no room for mistakes. Once you stuck the wallpaper in a wrong way or direction, there’s no going back.

You cannot detach or displace it from where it is stuck. And especially if the wallpaper has any patterns to it.

There would be another stress of placing each pattern perfectly.

Is it worth going all the way wrong and then hiring a professional wallpaper installer?

Absolutely not. So, let’s put some spotlight over the advantages of hiring a professional wallpaper installer.

Advantages of hiring a professional wallpaper installer

Time Saver

If you are not going to install your home's wallpaper yourself, congrats, you have saved yourself so much time and aggravation.

Not just that, you saved yourself from all the scrapping, glossing, measuring, cutting, and pasting.

That's why outsourcing an expert would be way more convenient, and you can be stress-free that your walls are in safer hands

Their vast experience and correct knowledge allow them to do the job efficiently.

More knowledgeable

Opting for an expert is beneficial for you as, they know the shortcuts of the installation process.

An unprofessional would hang the wallpaper directly without checking the conditions of the wall. However, an expert would examine the state of the wall first.

They would make sure of the following:

  • Correctly scrapped wall
  • Enameled paint deglossing
  • Either the wall is clean or not
  • No holes, creases, or cracks are there
  • Removal of texture

These aren’t tricky tasks, but ignoring or forgetting these can destroy your wallpaper’s look.

No matter which type of wallpaper you want on your walls, a qualified person knows what to do and how to do it.

Cost effective

You must be thinking, how can hiring an expert save you money?

It’s because you probably won’t have the right tools for the installation process as it takes a lot of things like a smoothing brush, ladder, rollers, razor, measuring tape, etc.

Yes, you can also use the available stuff in the process, but it won’t give you the desired result. Imagine you have arranged the tools too.

What about extra expenses that can occur in a snap when you mess things up? And then you’ll realize that hiring a professional is more cost-effective.

Quality work

This one includes common sense. Just think about who would do the task better: a beginner DIYer or an experienced wallpaper fitter?

You know the answer. And even if you somehow pulled it off, would you be able to look at the uneven and bubbling surface daily?

Overall, the ball is in the professional wallpaper fitter's court, who underwent training and has done this several times before.

Also, it has a fantastic deal maker: you don't have to clean all the mess after everything is done. Instead, it is included in their duties to clean everything up.

Isn't it great?


Summing up, you know precisely why you should choose a professional to remove and reinstall the wallpaper.

You would be tension-free, and the look of your walls would be worth the cost.

To maintain the value of your property, you should target quality work. Performing it yourself or giving an immature hold of everything can let you lose control of your property's beauty.

 When the topic of quality preferred services arises, HOY HOY IBIZA stands forward. We have the perfect pick for you to choose.

We can connect you to the best wallpaper installers in Ibiza.

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