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10 Things to Expect After Your First Chemical Peel

10 Things to Expect After Your First Chemical Peel

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10 Things to Expect After Your First Chemical Peel

Beauty Services1/10/2023, 8:01:50 AM
10 Things to Expect After Your First Chemical Peel

What’s the first image that pops up in your mind when you hear the word(s) ‘chemical peel?’

We’re going to assume you’re thinking of red and painful-looking skin.

Well, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Chemical peels are a game-changing technique, and they offer a wide range of skin benefits. 

From improving skin tone to smoothing skin texture, the cosmetic treatment is guaranteed to make you feel good about yourself. 

But in this blog, we’re not going to talk about that.

Instead, we’ll fast-forward through the formalities and discuss the 10 things you can expect from your first chemical peel.

Here they are:

The Side Effects

The most common misconception surrounding chemical peels is they have painful and long-lasting side effects. That’s not true.

While yes, your skin may react a certain way after a chemical peel is applied, it won’t be severe or permanent. 

The day-by-day chemical peel recovery process will be completed in 14 days – max. 

The Process

Before going for the cosmetic treatment, most people wonder, ‘Do chemical peels hurt?’

You’d be glad to know that no, they don’t. You may experience a slight tingling sensation while undergoing the procedure, but nothing uncomfortable.  

And if you feel a little sting, rest assured. That’s just the chemicals working hard to make your skin look radiant.


The Symptoms

‘My skin looks worse after a chemical peel.’ – said no one ever.

Okay, jokes aside, you might experience some burning immediately after getting a chemical peel. However, the symptoms will subdue in the next few hours.

And then you’ll notice the formation of healthy, new skin.

The Stages

The first chemical peel stage is when your skin starts to peel (ergo, the name). This process will take three to five days, so there’s no need to panic. It’s a natural thing, and you should let it play out.

And remember not to pick at or pull the peeling skin. Otherwise, it can develop allergies.

Deal with the peeling skin the same way you deal with skin flakes after a sunburn: gently remove them while cleaning your skin.

The Number of Treatments

If you don’t see the desired results immediately after getting a chemical peel, know that that’s not how it works. Typically, it takes several treatments to notice the difference.

With that said, most people may experience the results right after their first treatment. But the more you receive it over a span of a few months, the better your skin will start looking. 

The Makeup

Feeling inspired by Jessica Chastain’s luminous makeup from the 94th Academy Awards? Yeah, you might wanna skip it for a while – the first two weeks after a chemical peel, at least.

The thing is, your skin will be highly sensitive the first few days. Who knows how it will react with the chemicals present in the cosmetic items? 

It might do nothing. It might cause irritation, prolonging the recovery process. 

In any case, it’s best to avoid taking the risk.  

The Sunscreen

Okay, remember how we just talked about certain chemicals present in cosmetics that might react with your skin? It turns out, sunscreen is NOT one of them.

So, before going outside, apply sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. But that’s only recommended after a few days have passed. 

For immediately after the chemical peeling process, use physical objects to block the sun, such as a scarf or hat.

The Routine

The results of a chemical peel, other than the treatment itself, depend largely on how well you take care of your skin afterward.

And that means following a good skincare routine. 

Your dermatologist might ask you to use certain healing ointments. Use those, stay hydrated, and moisturize your skin to promote the healing process. 

The Temperature

As we’ve already mentioned before, your skin is extremely sensitive after getting a chemical peel. This means you need to keep it cool most of the time. Otherwise, you might start experiencing tingling and redness.

Therefore, it would be beneficial to avoid extreme temperatures on both ends, be it going outside in the sun or taking long cool baths.

The Results

Cosmetic procedures cannot produce results overnight. You have to be patient with them.

If you do not start noticing changes after enough time has passed, talk to your dermatologist immediately. They may be able to guide you better and determine why the desired outcome hasn’t been produced.

Healthy Skin Is Always In

Whether you want to slow your skin’s aging process or deal with dark patches, the answer lies in a chemical peel. The benefits are far too many to ignore. 

So, if you’re looking for a place to make your skin appear healthy and young again, HOY HOY IBIZA is just a call away. We’ll connect you with our preferred partners, who happen to be experienced dermatologists.

Their cosmetic treatments are 100% safe and approved, resulting in you feeling and looking rejuvenated. 

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