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7 Common Injuries Massage Therapy Can Help With

7 Common Injuries Massage Therapy Can Help With

7 Common Injuries Massage Therapy Can Help With

Beauty Services6/20/2022, 10:26:35 AM
7 Common Injuries Massage Therapy Can Help With

Injuries due to accidents or an inactive lifestyle can affect your entire lifestyle.

You might end up with chronic pain or a doctor’s prescribed painkillers. But there’s a better alternative to deal with common injuries: massage therapy in Ibiza.

Will Massage Help a Pulled Muscle?

Pulled muscle wreaks havoc like nothing else. However, several reports say that muscle massage is a better pain-reliever than medications. This happens due to pain-relieving hormones like endorphins released with specialized massage therapy.

The endorphins ease the discomfort of a pulled muscle, bringing the body back to normal.

Types of Injuries Massage Therapy Can Treat

Therapeutic massages target various body areas, including tendons, joints, muscles, ligaments, and skin. The movement increases flexibility and blood flow in the injured area and fastens the healing process.

The most common injuries a massage therapy can treat are:

Sports Injury

Athletes, sportsmen, and exercise enthusiasts are prone to sports injuries. The injuries can affect ligaments, tendons, tissues, and muscles.

A massage therapist helps by working on specific areas and using specialized sports injury massage techniques to reduce the pain and provide relief.

Back Injury

Office workers are no strangers to back pain and injuries. Since employees working in an office setting have to sit for long hours in a chair, lower back pain is the most common complaint.

The continued sitting adds pressure to the spine and muscles. Poor posture is also a contributing factor.

Back pain injury massage therapy aids by relieving the targeted area with specific hand movements, oils, and other techniques.

Neck Injury

The current generation loves scrolling through social media newsfeeds or browsing the internet. But unfortunately, looking down for a long time on smartphones can strain the neck and cause pain.

Injury recovery massage provides the much-needed relief to reduce pain and relax the inflammation often associated with neck injuries.

Rotator Cuff Injury

A rotator cuff injury is more common in older adults and worsens at night. Patients with a rotator cuff will experience difficulty and pain while raising their arm or hear clicking sounds and sensations when moving the arm.

Although patients are advised surgery and physical therapy, massage therapy for rotator cuff injury has its benefits.

Choosing massage therapy after surgery helps by:

  • Reducing the scar tissue that forms as a result of the surgery
  • Alleviating post-op pain levels
  • Promoting faster healing of the shoulder joint

Muscle-Related Knee Injury

Knee injuries around the knee joint, over the kneecap, or underlying thigh bone can be excruciatingly painful. Massage therapy by an expert can help assess the extent of the injury.

The therapist also examines the affected muscles and joint areas before providing appropriate pain relief therapy.

Tennis Elbow Injury

Elbow strain is common among bricklayers, typists, and cleaners. However, the most affected ones are tennis players, hence the name Tennis Elbow injury.

This type of injury is caused when a person bends their wrist backward repeatedly. The repeated wrist bending forces the tendons and muscles to become overused and succumb to injury.

A combination of ice application, compression, and massage therapy can reduce the pain.

Repetitive Strain Injury

Overusing specific body parts can lead to pain, tingling sensations, and soft tissue injuries. For example, typing in front of the computer all day or working with a mouse in hand may cause repetitive strain injury.

Specialists recommend using ergonomic equipment and gripping office tools lightly to reduce RSI risk.

In addition, patients with existing RSI can benefit from muscle strain massage, where a professional therapist will use specialized techniques to eliminate pain.

Discover the Miracles of Massage for Injury Recovery

Living in a fast-paced world has made the human body prone to muscle injuries. Of course, some credit goes to our everyday activities. However, knowing the types of existing injuries, their modes of prevention, and treatment modalities can help with fast recovery.

If you ever feel like experiencing the best massage therapy in Ibiza, give us a shout at HOY HOY IBIZA. We’ll connect you with professionals without delay.

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