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Skincare Routines That Can Make You Feel Young

Skincare Routines That Can Make You Feel Young

Skincare Routines That Can Make You Feel Young

Beauty Services12/5/2022, 9:22:29 AM
Skincare Routines That Can Make You Feel Young

Skin is the most delicate yet attractive body part, and everyone wants to achieve flawless skin to look attractive, young, and beautiful. To accomplish the goal, people maintain and follow a skincare routine as per their skin type and requirement. 

The routine incorporates lotion, serums, sunblock creams, and more. 

All of these products have various chemicals in them to treat skin issues. The chemical combinations might suit dry skin users but won’t work efficiently on oily skin. 

Having a different skin type means that you can’t put anything on your skin. It might destroy the skin leaving burns and patches on it. 

Don’t worry if you are dealing with skin issues or looking for the best skincare routine to follow. We will share some incredible beauty tips, routines, and hacks for various skin types with you. 

Let’s get started without any further ado. 

For Oily Skin

This one is the most difficult skin type to deal with. The common problem of having oily skin is shiny complexion and acne.

Dust and dirt tend to stick on oily skin compared to other skin types, inviting other skin problems.

The good news is that following a good skincare routine will help you get rid of these problems and make your skin healthy, flawless, and gorgeous.

Face Cleansing

It’s a primary step in every skincare routine, whether for oily skin or dry. Usually, people clean their faces in the morning. Some wash it off in the evening as well.

If you have oily skin, it's mandatory to deep cleanse your face twice a day, once in the morning and then before getting into the bed.

You might think that your skin feels better and you don’t need to wash it at night. But you have to clean it because your face produces oil at night.

That’s why dermatologists and skin specialists recommend washing it with a good exfoliator cleanser.

Use Toner

When you wash off your face nicely and have removed makeup from your face, apply toner on your face. It helps minimize the pores and gives a smooth texture to your face.

Furthermore, using a toner temporarily tightens the skin's pores and makes the skin super fresh. Toners containing salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and lactic acid are ideal for oily skin.

Sunblock Is a Must

When you step out in the sun, make sure to wear sunscreen that contains SPF 30. Apply sunscreen to reduce the risk of sunburn and tan.

You can do a hack by mixing moisturizer and sunscreen for better results.

Choose a Moisturizer Wisely

When selecting a moisturizer, avoid choosing products containing a high volume of deep nourishing components such as coconut oil, shea butter, etc.

Go with lightweight moisturizers that are water-based and non-greasy.

Some Valuable Tips for Oily Skin

Take out a bloating paper and compress gently on your skin. It will absorb excess oil and dry your skin right away.

Consume plenty of water to hydrate your skin naturally instead of depending on moisturizers.

Choose your products wisely, and don’t go with products having alcohol.

For Dry Skin

You might have dry skin if you feel itching, flaking, and irritation. It happens due to many reasons like environment, genetic or medical condition, etc.

Fortunately, you can easily fix dry skin using different quality products and home remedies.

Keep It Clean

Try to wash your face with hydrating face wash. It will keep your face fresh and hydrated. For dry skin, a cleanser containing hyaluronic acid is the best.

Cleaning your face is not enough. Make sure to use toner for more radiating skin. Toner with a zero-alcohol ratio is a smart choice to restore the PH level of your skin.

Don’t Exfoliate

Avoid exfoliating your skin. Exfoliation is mainly for oily skin as it deep cleans and dries out the face. Instead, use moisturizer or serum to take care of your skin.

In fact, one should regularly moisturize the face but avoid products that might clog your pores.

It’s suggested to look for non-comedogenic products.

Some Remedies to Use on Dry Skin

There are several remedies for dry skin that can actually work wonders.

Applying shea butter to the skin hydrates and repairs your skin like never before. You can gently rub it on your skin thrice a week.

Home-made facemasks containing oatmeal soothe and relieve skin from burning, itching, and scaling.

You can keep your skin hydrated by putting petroleum jelly on the skin for a long time. It is also known as mineral oil that works on the skin nicely.

For Normal Skin

Normal skin is not completely dry or oily but a perfect blend of both. Therefore, such type of skin doesn’t face significant skin issues and contains even moisture levels.

Treat Your Skin Well

Having a normal skin type is a gift. You can treat your skin according to your needs. For example, if you feel dryness on your skin, switch to a different moisturizer.

You can treat acne or blemishes by following night routines.

Deep cleaning your face with foaming face wash is perfect. It makes your skin soft, glossier, and clean. But, it’s not necessary to go with foam ones. 

You can choose any facewash. For instance, you can pick out the gel, cream, or oil cleanser.


Add an antioxidant serum into your skincare routine to save your skin from various challenging issues. Even though you have normal skin, you may get exposed to fine lines or wrinkles.

Vitamin C + E serums are the best to cater to wrinkles and fine lines. Vitamin C removes dark spots and rejuvenates the skin, whereas Vitamin E softens the skin and repairs it.

Eye Creams

Eye creams are an integral part of the skincare routine. Everyone should use them to get beautiful eyes. Normal skin-type people can use Vitamin K-containing eye cream to reduce dark circles around the eyes.

Depending on your needs, you can also apply Vitamin E to your dark circles.

Few Tips for All

Follow these basic skincare rituals for an extra glow no matter your skin type.

1.      Apply a broad-spectrum sunblock cream that blocks both UVA and UVB rays.

2.      Don’t step out in direct sunlight and wear sunglasses for more care.

3.      Stay hydrated.

4.      Wash off your skin gently every day, and don’t go to bed having makeup on your face.

5.      Moisturize.

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